Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too bored in office?

I worked in an office for the past few years..
Basically in an office, there's not much places to go, or walk around.

This usually cause boredom and can make one sleepy.. Agrees? =)

And in this video, i really feel their boredom and frustrations.. 

Try this in your office, too~


Saturday, November 13, 2010

How good is the auto correction ?

Hello! How's everyone doing?

I had a very busy week, learning and trying my best to adapt into a new working environment.. However, i am still coping well, and can predict the work piling up, soon!! =/

Anyway, i want to share something i came across this few days...


The auto correction of wordings, when we type Short Message Service (SMS) to our friends, how good does it gets?

I came to know about this website called

They are mostly funny sms message, in iphones (which is now the commonly used smartphones nowadays)

Let you see some samples..


Check out : !

Have a good laugh!! =P

Friday, November 5, 2010

The last day at work - 4 Nov 2010

After about 6 years in the company, yesterday was the last day of work for me.

I really miss the lovely and great colleagues that i've met over the years.
They supported me, guided me along, and are great friends too!

We worked hard together.
We had lunch together..
We played hard together...
We had misunderstandings with each other....

I really thank all of you who i known and those who know me.

Wishing you all good luck, take care, all of you! =)

There are just too many people i want to thank!

Shall dedicate this song to all of my dear colleagues!


Next week, i will be moving on to a new working environment, with new people, and of course new challenges!

Wish me many good luck, my dear friends! (=
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