Sunday, March 31, 2013

GI JOE 2 Retaliation

Hello All !
Are you still with me in this full of dust blog?

Work was busy (Being quarter end,again) and therefore a lack of updates. =)

Luckily, it was a super long weekends, with Friday, being a public holiday, Good Friday.

Today, being Saturday, met up with my friends, for a movie.

We watched GI JOE 2 Retaliation.

Was actually looking forward to it, as it seems a full action packed movie.
The actions are there, i admit, but not the story.
It could be me, i cant seem to link the flow of the story, after the show ended... can you? =)

I watched G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra before, if i did not remember wrongly, the characters were able to run and fly, with the help of a suit they wore. (Sounds like Ironman)

It was a bit of out of logic, but still, enjoyed the fighting, and the "unlimited bullets". =P

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore 2 Mar 2013

I finally got the chance to visit Universal Studio Singapore last sat...!!

I was not the super adventurous type, who played all the rides. (I took a few..)

Of course, i took the Transformer Ride !! (My Favourite !)

Trying to be brave, i took the Battlestar Galactica, but only took the red one. HAHA!!

If you have not been there before, here's how it feels.. or rather looked like....

My limit, was the red one. =D

Bumped into Kungfu Panda.. ! =P

And Shrek And Fiona... ! =P

And this very old fashion police car along the road...

In between, it started to rain. Sadly, i also missed the live show at The Water World, due to the rain.

Luckily, i came, well prepared. =)

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