Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Hong Wei is up to lately?

*waves* Hello to all!How's everyone doing? =)

Hong Wei have been busy as a bee, after the training trip from Penang.

Since i am now in a new company (the previous company got bought over by current), the work place transformed into a new environment, working style was different, way of reporting was different. We learnt new things, almost everyday.

The expected situation : someone will eventually lose his/her cool, and quarrels will occur. (agree?)

Personally, i felt everyone became tensed up, as work start to pile up each day. With this kind of enironment, i am not feeling that good too, as i posted status like "I feel sick, but not fallen sick. Something is very wrong.." on my Facebook.

Many times, i really wanted to give up and tender my resignation(seriously), but after some ranting, the idea disappeared. I guess i may be ranting and scolding my desktop screen, i still don't bear to leave my lovely colleagues. HAHA!


Because one of my colleague, she bought me this lanyard !
My favourite Domo! =D

On Tuesday, a friend suddenly asked me out for dinner, and the moment she saw me, she passed me this.

Cheers me up too~ =D

Many thank you to those who left comments!
And also those who replied my tweets!!
You all are so sweet~

After 5+years, I do admit, i am not that happy working, already. Seems to be dragging myself to work each day.
Sometimes, i feel like taking a short break, then start looking for another new job, but what about the commitments i need to fulfill ?

As the Chinese saying goes : 手停口停, which means when your hands stop moving(out of job), your mouth stops, as you are not able to earn to buy food.

What would you do, if you were me?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are our MRTs too crowded ?

Back home from business!
Was a tiring trip and was so busy, got no time to shop. =(

Came across some interesting articles on our MRT today..

Quoted from a article from Yahoo

It wrote that last month, The Sunday Times reported that SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa dismissed complaints of overcrowded trains by claiming that “people can board the trains — it is whether they choose to.”

Those who took the public transport can also know how crowded it is during the peak hours, and weekends..
My personal thoughts that came across my mind when i read this sentence :
"Can i choose not to take the MRT?"

I cant afford to miss the train, and be late for work or school, leh..

For now, i try hard not to go to town area, during weekends, and after work.
Know why ?

I will become one of them in this picture. [Taken from here]

No joke, my friends.. =(

Its getting serious, and too crowded, and Dear PM Lee said we need 100,000 more people..

Soon, we might end up like Japan.

*cover eyes*
OH NO !!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

One killed, 8 injured in accident along Chai Chee Street

I saw this news on TV, last night.

Article from Channel News Asia.

SINGAPORE : An accident between a double-decker bus Service Number 87 and a large tree-pruning vehicle left a 50-year-old male passenger dead and several others injured on Friday.

The collision occurred along Chai Chee Street in Bedok.

Police have arrested a 33-year-old Bangladeshi worker from the landscape management company for causing death by negligence.

Shattered glass windows, a fallen tree, and major traffic congestion were the results of the accident which left one dead and eight passengers - including a pregnant woman - injured.

The bus was behind the lorry when it went to the middle lane. But little did the bus driver know that the head of the crane was protruding into the middle lane, and this scraped against the side of the bus.

The loud sound from the collision attracted hundreds of residents from nearby blocks.

One resident said: "Like glass shattering. It sounded massive and sharp."

A second commented: "I saw them moving the victims down from the upper deck. It looked quite serious."

Three bus passengers were taken to hospitals, while others refused treatment, citing minor injuries.

Both the bus driver and crane operator were not injured in the accident.

They remained calm and silent while clean-up work was going on. - CNA/ms

Some photos...

* * * * * * * *
It seems the 50-year-old male passenger was sitting at the upper deck, and the whole row of the upper deck windows, all shattered, leaving him dead.

My condolences to the man and his family.

Personally, i always like sitting on the upper deck, its like you are so much higher up in height and closer to the sky. =]

* * * * * * * *

Ok, dear all friends, i will be on my first business trip (after 5+ years in the company) to Malaysia(Penang), and will be back on Wednesday.

Will be trying my best to update, as i'm not so familiar with the data auto-roaming stuffs.. Haha!!

Anyway, see ya !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Check, before leaving the shop...

Today, i meet up my friend for dinner at Jurong Point. =)

The ultimate motive today, was to hunt for birthday presents. And while doing so, i did some shopping myself.

I saw this nice singlet !
50% discount somemore..
"So lucky!" i thought to myself. =D

Then something strange happened, while i was at the cashier, he gave me a very weird stare. (VERY!)
I looked at the cashier machine, to confirm the price, i saw something wrong with the description of the item.. (I thought it was just some typo error, so i ignored it)
However after some discussion with another friend while having some drinks at Macdonalds, the 3 of us kinda confirm something was not that right !!

Want to know what was wrong?

I took a womens singlet !!

So embarrassing, lah~!

They put all the mens and womens singlet together, thats why.... *palm onto face*
No choice, walked back into the shop to change to mens version. =(

This reminded me of my father buying shoes from a shop (4 letters shop - Starts with B, ends with A shop), and got 2 different sized shoes, but sadly he realized it after a week, and so the shop don't allow him to change. ARGH!

So my advice to all my friends, while shopping, check before leaving the shop, ok? =)

Happy Shopping !!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My feelings after watching "The Twilight Saga Eclipse"..

Watched this movie yesterday with my friend.
My very first Twilight movie..

I was hoping for a vampires fighting werewolves kind of movie.. but was disappointed.
It was alot of talking, and kissing. =(
Guess its not my type of movie. (A lady also yawned so loudly behind me towards end of the movie.)

After which, we headed over to Swensens for dinner.
While waiting for the food, i did this !

Took this piece of paper, and some colouring pencils..

Only coloured part of it, and the food arrived, faster than we thought. =)

So how was your weekends?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did you guess it correctly ?

Ok, time to reveal what is inside the post in my last post...

Are you ready ? =)




A guitar !!(LAH..)

Did you guess it correctly?? Haha~ =P 

I used to have a guitar, which my uncle gave to me, but i was still young, and it was also too old to play with. Therefore, it landed in the dustbin.

20+ years later, i decided to "self-learn" it, and just nice, Dear Apple has one, waiting to find a new owner..! (Ding Ding..!)

And some of these videos also motivated me to learn!

Hey Soul Sister - Train Cover by Alyssa Bernal

Stick Wit U - Pussycat Dolls acoustic coverby Kewei and her sister, Kexin

Jason Mraz -I'm Yours (live)

For now, am watching some YouTube videos, to try to learn it.

Anyone knows how to play guitar, and got time to guide me along? =)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trying to learn new skill..

Sorry for the lack of updates.

This few weeks have been hectic.. work, and grandma..
But then, just to let you all know, grandma is better already! Although still in hospital resting, she is recovering slowly. And me still visiting her as and when i can.. =) 

* * * * * * * *

And my post title being: "trying to learn a new skill.."
I am trying to pick up a new skill.
Want to know what it is??? =P

Make a guess.

*Will reveal it on Wednesday night.* Hehe!

I want to thank you Apple ! =)
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