Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank you again, Hammy.

Hi All !

Am just back home from a short getaway, or rather a well deserved holiday from work.

It was a great trip and great company, and of course the great food, and scenery of another country.

But on the other hand, i got a bad news.

Since one hamster left me in Sept 2013.

The other one surviving also bid me goodbye when i was oversea.

The very last photo my brother took for me.

The body was cold, and lying at one of its favorite hiding place.

Sighs. I even gave it a good bath, and washed its cage before i fly off.

Sighs. Could not say the last goodbye to both hamsters.

Thank you, again, Hammy. Miss you !

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Have you been Thor-ed ?

Recently, there is this new movie, called " Thor: The Dark World"

Sorry, i am backdated. Only know Thor when i was watching The Avengers the other time. (HAHA!)
The only "Hammer" i knew was THIS

And i thought, if there's a Female Thor, who would they looked like ?? Hmm.....

SGAG made Thor into a funnier joke, i feel. HAHA !

Have you Thor-ed ?? =D

The funniest was, Pat-Thor-Tiah. Which means Stomachache in Hokkien.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Are you still with me ? =p

*Blows the dust away*

Hi All, are you still with me ?

One month no posting. Sorry ya!

Work was busy, Life was busy. Therefore, lack of updates.

More to come. ^^

Anyway, saw this very cool and catchy in flight safety video from Virgin America.

It's not like the normal type of in flight safety instructions we get when we board the airplane.


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