Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charger Exploded !

I woke up with my iphone switched off, by itself. (no battery).

Walks to the charger, switch it on.
Sparks and the whole house electricity got cut off !!

I panicked.

Check the ''electricity box'' inside my house, for any 'unusual' trips of the buttons..
Conclusion: No.

Ran out to check other neighbours..
Conclusion: No problem for them.

Tried to open the meter box, outside the unit...

Conclusion: Locked.

Ran to Lift area, to take down the HDB Flats Maintenance team number..
Conclusion: Called, and wait.


20 minutes later, the man arrived and showed me the secret! 

The top part of the meter box, can actually be open!! (Stupid me..)

Come, i show you how!

See huh.. the top area, can actually be flipped open..
With two little compartments..

And they can be flipped open too!!
*do check this two compartments too*

With this incident, i learnt something new.
And luckily, no fire was involved. =)


See what happened to the charger??

Noticed the black colour area?

Lesson learnt: Cannot go for cheapo things, next time!!~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still using disposable chopsticks?

Disposable chopsticks.
Convenient, use it and throw.

Have you ever wonder how they are being produced?

I heard of news, seen pictures, but i guess watching the video is still the scariest.

From the video, it seems like they are being socked with chemicals, after chemicals.. to make them last longer, and appear whiter.


Bring your own chopsticks or fork and spoon.

Save the environment too! =)

Monday, October 18, 2010


A song that keep repeating in my mind recently..

The song title: 没那麽简单 [Translated into English: Not so Easy]
It is actually like a love song, that talks about, it's not so easy to find the other half you are looking for. =)


黄小琥 - 没那麽简单
[作词:姚若龙]  [作曲:萧煌奇]

没那麽简单 就能找到 聊得来的伴
尤其是在 看过了那麽多的背叛
总是不安 只好强悍

没那麽简单 就能去爱 别的全不看
变得实际 也许好也许坏各一半
不爱孤单 一久也习惯
不用担心谁 也不用被谁管

别人说的话 随便听一听 自己做决定
在周末晚上 关上了手机 舒服窝在沙发里

相爱没有那麽容易 每个人有他的脾气
过了爱做梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静
幸福没有那麽容易 才会特别让人着迷
曾经最掏心 所以最开心 曾经

想念最伤心 但却最动心 的记忆

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I saw a bear in Singapore!

Last week, a video of a 'bear' in Ulu Pandan appeared.

A bear in Singapore and at a bus stop, trying to find food from a dustbin.
"Wow.. how exciting Singapore got.." i thought to myself..

However, after the big 'Hoo-Ha' of the police, as well as tens of men and women from Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) and Wildlife Reserves Singapore who scoured the area for hours..
It turned out to be a marketing campaign!

Imagine the manpower and resources wasted, due to a about 10 seconds video clip of the bear..

You can read more HERE.

Our Mr Brown, also did a funny video of it, and i must share with you all!
Haha! =)

Run Bear Bear, Bear Bear, Run Run..

Anyway, where they got the costume, who was wearing it huh?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run - 10.10.10

What a special date for today!
If you din realize, today is 10 Oct 2010, and in numerical, it is: 10.10.10 ! =)

And today is also the Mizuno Wave Run, a 10km run.
Today's run had a mixture of those sandy areas, and pavement areas. Personally, i was walking a little too much today, and i guess my timing would be very bad for this run. (oops!!)

After about 3km distance mark, my right knee area started to feel pain, and i had to walk, plus jog a little.. but still i finished the whole run, which is what i am aiming.

*pat pat ownself* =)

A picture to show you today's crowd..

My tag number and the singlet given..

Another Finisher Medal for collection. =)


My Singapore friends, did you happened to read the Today's newspaper last Friday, and so happened to see a PSB Academy graduands list? 

Anyway, did you see a famailar name..? (Hint.. Hint..)
Come, i help you........

It's my name!!! Haha... 
So proud of myself. =P 

And now, its for a new chapter of my life.
A new direction, and hopefully everything flows smoothly..


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cousin Wedding - 2 Oct 2010

Attended my cousin, Li Yun's wedding dinner with mum last night.

We were born about the same time.. and mum often brings me over to her place. In my memory, I can still remember the days when we were still in our cloth diapers, playing with each other, snatching each other toys.. the loser cries(of course!) Haha!!

And in the blink of an eye, twenty years down the road, last night i see her getting married!

The stage..

The table settings..

The lovely couple.. <3

The traditional 'Yum Seng' from all of us..

It was also a type of family gathering for the older generation (mum and uncles).
Therefore i was not spared the toasting with the relatives (luckily i got some trainings), so did not get drunk. Wee Wee.. LoL

However, how good i hide, or cover my face with the table cloth, i was still being bombarded with the "when is your turn?" by many of them..


But anyway, i am very happy to see her finding her man, and getting married!
It was a great gathering! =)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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