Friday, January 27, 2017

CNY is here again !

Hello all !
How's everyone doing ?
Are you still with me, at my full of dust blog ?
Drop me comments to let me know ! =)

Anyway, all's fine, and i guess everyone busy with the Chinese New Year (CNY) period.
Clothes buying, spring cleaning the house, clearing the old debts...

I won't be having a long holiday, and would be working till 1pm on Friday (Eve of CNY).
Starting work on 4th day of the CNY. (Boo.)
Therefore i got to grab rest as much as possible.

Recently i also got my 5 years, long service award at my work place.
5 years, time flies.
Learned alot over the years, good ones, bad ones.
Not much feel about it, even until now.
Not too sure if i can still survive at the work place for the next 5 years, to get the 10 years award ? HAHA!

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you ! 

Cheers, 干一杯~

*Shall try to write more often.

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