Friday, April 22, 2016

*Blows the thick layer of dust off*
 Are you still visiting this website ?  Drop in comments, alright ?? ^^

I came across this article : The only friend in death. 

The article is about, Mr Tommy Yu, funeral director and owner of Seng Xiang Services, who actually offers services to whom died with no known next of kin.

Pro bono funeral.

Since grandma passed away 1+ year ago, every elderly people i came across, makes me miss, and think of her.

Some Facebook pages i found :
It seems they brought lots of help and happiness to lots and lots of old folks.

That sentence in the article, that strikes me the most, was : " Everyone deserves a proper send-off. "

He's a great man, and i totally respect him.

Everyday, is a new day. Make full use of it.

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