Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Impossible Mission

Each episode of Mission: Impossible featured a unique opening.

I watched Mission Impossible 4 last night.

Was great and, you get to see the beautiful scenery inside the movie.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to go watch this movie.

This blog post will self-destruct in five seconds.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! =)

What are you doing right now?

Gathering with a few friends??
With your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, holding hands and doing the count down??
Hugging your Husband or Wife, and exchanging presents?
At home, watching tv?

Wherever you are, have fun and be safe.
May you have a Merry Christmas and All The Best in 2012!!

Wondering where i am?

I will be at a wedding dinner on the 25th Dec. =)
I feel very happy to see my friends finding the loved ones, and getting married.
Another Primary School friend getting married in Feb 2012 too!!

And myself?
This song fits pretty well.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Something to share

My friend on Facebook shared this image and i really like it the moment i saw it. 
Therefore i think it is nice to share with more friends. 

Little Budhha says: "Smile on, it's only illusion, then it's gone .."

"Smile on, it's only illusion, then it's gone .."

Whatever it is, bad things will pass.
Smile and keep moving on. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekends without TV.

I was away to my colleague's house in Malaysia on Friday night and was only home on the Saturday afternoon.

While waiting for the lift of my block, Mum, Brother and his girlfriend appeared.
A disaster had been revealed to me, on the spot.

My one and only TV set in the house is down !

Disastrous !

Because Grandma, will be bored. (Watching TV was her best companion and entertainment.)
The family will be much quieter, as we won't get to watch the Taiwan drama, together. (Insert Sad Face.)

Anyway, the new one will be coming in on Monday.

Early Christmas present for the house!!

However, the Samsung S II i am aiming is out of stock! I am still waiting for my Christmas present. =P

The coming two weeks might be super busy at work due to company Year End closing.
Wish me luck !

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let it snow, on !

Saw someone shared this on Facebook, this morning.

Type the wordings " Let it snow " on Google homepage, and see the snow falling on you screen!

I shared this on my facebook status, and i cant explain how come some can see it, some cant. And i am not sure how long this will be there. Anyway, i am posting a print screen of it, for all of you!

Try it on your browser too!~

Have fun ! =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Declared Down in the last month of Year 2011

Last month of the Year 2011.

Hong Wei fell sick.
The usual coughing and sneezing of that running nose.

Thank you all for the concerns on Facebook, Twitter. Was on two days medical leave, will be back to work tomorrow! ( However still thinking if i were to attend the bbq event on Friday... should i go? )

There were a few of my friends, also falling sick..
To all of you out there, please take care and drink tons of water !!

Friday, December 9, 2011

侯湘婷 Angel Hou

How many of you actually know who is 侯湘婷 ? =)

Many years back, during my army days, i was lucky to win a pair of tickets(went with my girlfriend of that time) to a mini concert of her and 江美琪.

Both sang beautifully that evening.

At least a good 10 years past.

Where has she gone to?
Do you know?? =)

作詞:姚謙 作曲:柯肇雷

她住進了你心裡面 我的愛無家可歸
舊情歌戀戀的餘味 斷續在多夢的夜
就這麼過了好久時間 為什麼還偷偷想念
情書和相片已蒙一層灰 怪我們任性斷了愛的機會

當我又為你流眼淚 若你也為歉意失眠
絕望也許是最美的體會 讓我們記得曾愛過誰

你的選擇也許是對 她才是你的依歸
曾屬於我們的一切 就讓你一筆作廢
就這麼過了好久時間 為什麼還偷偷想念
情書和相片已蒙一層灰 怪我們任性斷了愛的機會

當我又為你流眼淚 若你也為歉意失眠
絕望也許是最美的體會 讓我們記得曾愛過誰

這是我為你流的淚 當我們已漸行漸遠
我知道回憶是一種愚昧 這一生只容我笨一回

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 (4th Dec 2011)

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011, my final 10km run of Year 2011. 

Without much training, i faced the run and was honestly walking towards the last 3km of the run.
The left knee felt pain. (Too much beer and wine. Hee..)

Good job, i still managed to jog through the final 100 metres of the race!

The "Human Jam" started early this year. 

We had to go through this narrow pathway of the steel bridge to get to the starting point. (Time taken : estimated 30mins+)

My run started 8am instead of the scheduled 7:15am. 

By the way usually there are entertainments along the route to motivate runners but this year, be it sexy belly-dancers, cute little girls cheering.. i din really see much of them this year?

Whatever it is, I happened to see this dressed in red "Chun Li" at the start point, whom i greeted : ” 美女,早! “ (In English : Good morning,babe!)

Overall, a good run!
Rewarded myself with this. 


Lastly, do your best, enjoy and dont push yourself too much! The news just now reported of a 21 years old man died after completing the half-marathon.

Be safe, enjoy!

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