Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet up weekend.

Hi my dear friends!

How was the last weekend?
As it left us in a blink of our eyes, let's look forward to the next weekend! =)

My Sat was planned with a tennis game, but was being forced to reschedule it to 2 weeks later, due to the heavy rain. -___-"
So it was spent hiding at a nearby shopping centre, eating.

The rain got heavier, and there was no shelter being linked to the nearest bus stop or mrt station. (Oh no!)

Why the ''oh no!'' ? I was supposed to have a Tweetup (word from Twitterland) session with my Twitter friends!

And so, i rushed home, changed, and rush to meet them. So Sorry!!

However i was being blessed with food they left behind for me.

Thank you all! =)

We also had fun, frying the ice-cream after it.

*Stir Stir*

See my happy face?

* * * * * * * *

Sunday was another meet up with my diploma classmates.

We went to F.I.S.H. at 313 Somerset.
This place was also being featured on Sparklette! =)

With a main course, you can top up some money, to enjoy their salad bar.
Credits to my friend's camera.

Their salad bar.

The food we had.

The fun people.

One thing i love about the people and service of the restaurant. They explain everything on the menu, the moment we arrive, and was always asking us, how was the food, and things like that.

And surprises came, knowing it was my belated birthday celebration, they even wrote a card and gave me a balloon! HAHA!

Thank you all!


Will drop by again soon! =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The men don’t get it..

The men don’t get it.
Not that Ladies Card i'm talking about.

What i referring to is: Depression.

Do you know, Men can also get Depression too?

Article from HERE, says that each year, depression affects about 6 million American men and 12 million American women.

And the symptoms (for male) are:
* Anger and frustration
* Violent behavior
* Losing weight without trying
* Taking risks, such as reckless driving and extramarital sex
* Loss of concentration
* Isolation from family and friends
* Avoiding pleasurable activities
* Fatigue
* Loss of interest in work, hobbies and sex
* Alcohol or substance abuse
* Misuse of prescription medication
* Thoughts of suicide

More to read over HERE.


Purpose of this post, you wondering?

Of course, firstly its to share the knowledge of Men can get Depression too. And after some 'internal battle' of the mind, i decide to disclose that, i am actually out of job, for a month. Some of you know it, some don't. (Sigh of relief, after i typed this.)

Yup, the new work i got to, was not something i like, so i left the place.

I do feel emotional and lost as time pass, day by day, sounds like depression. I hope i have not offended anyone, so far?

Thank you to the concerns of the friends, on Facebook (Some did it too openly,though..), Twitter(Many encouraging Tweets!), and of course the real life friends! (For the smses and calls..)

Resumes are being sent, job agencies did call, interviews were attended.
Their standard replies: "We will call you."
However, seldom they came.

What i facing now is the awaiting of an job opening and being offered for me, so that i can bring myself up and move forward again!

To those facing obstacles (like me now.), it will be over very soon.

Do Not Give Up~

However if anyone of my friends have accounting or temp jobs to offer, please call/email me at : ok? =)

I thank you for reading.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Is your Facebook profile picture good enough?

Saw this video posted from my friend on Facebook.

After watching this, i went to take a look at my profile picture.

Then Ru Hua (åĻ‚芹) the character who always appear in Stephen Chow's movie, the image flashed through my mind..

And if you still don't know....
Share with you, video...

And so, i went back to my Facebook account.

So the one with the circle, or the one with the star, is more appealing ?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever since i got dumped many years ago, i have been single since then.
Honestly, i dont like Valentine's Day. =)

While the usual khakis are either with the boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. I stayed home.
(Ok, i did TRY to ask someone out, but FAIL. LoL)

Thats why my facebook status is: "V Day for me should be spent inside ktv room. Others outside hold hands, me screaming inside room. Yeah!"

Put in in a funnier way for myself, actually makes me feel abit better.

And if i am at ktv, the first song i sing, shall be this.


And this!!


By the way, someone on Twitter mentioned today is also #SingleAwarenessDay, short form - SAD. (Boo!)

But still, Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friends!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hong Wei ! (11th Feb 2011)

In a few hours time, it will be 11th feb, which is my birthday!
*Pop champagne*
**Clap hands**

My very first present came from my ex-colleagues, or friends of at least 5 years!

A Braun Buffel wallet!
I love it! =D

Although i already left the company,we still keep in touch with each other.
I really thank them for remembering my birthday, and we will be having another gathering coming Sunday (YEAH!!)

* * * * * * * *

I hope my luck changes better, soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the "shaking" of the head, and the upcoming Valentine's Day!

Happy Birthday to myself.

*I scheduled this post at 12:01am of 11 Feb 2011*
Let's see if this works... =P

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sentosa Flowers Event on 5 Feb 2011 (Day 3 of CNY)

Hello all!
How was Chinese New Year going?
I bet there was tons of eating, and playing going on. =)

For myself, it was almost the same, the usual eat and eat, and guess what im eating now? Strepsils!!! (LOL)
Too much heaty food, abit of cough and sore throat.

Do take care, my friends!

Anyway, went to this Sentosa Flowers Event, with my friends, yesterday.
A nice experience, but not liking the super crowds of people, and squeezing.

Some interesting things we saw..

Yes, now you can walk into Sentoa, through the new boardwalk built.

The Entrance

We walked about 700+ metres..


The lolipops tree..

2 rabbits with the Rasa World logo?

The giant Rabbit, that keep turning round and round...

With the M&Ms..

I was thinking of what he was thinking...

I was born at the Year of the Pig! (Others animals were there too!)

The "Rabbit ears" cactus!

The Four Seasons..

And finally, the summary of the flowers i saw..


* Things to be reminded:
- Please bring along bottle of water
- Sunglasses or cap
- Ezilink card (Not the Net Flash card, my bad experience HERE and still not solved..)

The event is going on till 13 Feb 2011. More info at:
Go take a look!

Finally, be KIND to animals !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Rent' a partner for Chinese New Year?

Get to know about this article through Facebook, as one of my friend posted a status of :- 'rent' girlfriend of CNY? well, please text me...ha ha ha ha

For a while, i thought she was going to earn some Ang Bao money. LoL

However, after a  few messages being exchanged, she was actually referring to this article from

The title being : Singaporeans ‘rent’ partners for Chinese New Year

It seems that, people are actually getting help from dating agencies, casual friends and even hiring social escorts to pose as romantic partners — for a day, or even a couple of hours!!
They did this to avoid the 'Yearly Question" (in which i am being asked annually too..) of where their partners are..


And to hire an escorts, it can range from S$5,000 to S$20,000 !! O_O

WAH x 10 !

So expensive!!

So sorry i dont have that kind of money, and i shall put on my thinking cap to think of an excuse for this coming Chinese New Year. Hehe! =P

However if you want to make friend with Hong Wei... 
小姐, 這是我įš„名į‰‡...
Translation in English: "Hi Miss, This is my name card.."

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