Monday, September 26, 2011


This looks like a very nice movie, and from Taiwan!! =)
It reminded me of the secondary schooling time.
Chasing after the girl you like, and then going through the "growing" stage.

Check out their website, and its showing in Singapore November 9!!


I want to watch, leh..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

我很醜可是我很溫柔 (I am ugly, but I am very gentle.)

You all still remember Shrek?

Remember how he saved Princess Fiona, and then them being together?

I came across this article on STOMP

This couple was being discussed on the internet.

"In a Chinese online forum, netizens slammed the girl for going out with the guy, calling them 'Beauty and the Beast'. They wonder why such a beautiful girl would go out with a guy who is below average looking.
"It's funny how we are so obsessed with looks, especially when it comes to dating -- that beautiful people should only go out with people who are aesthetically compatible with them."

"And in this guy's case, netizens also wonder if he's rich.
"Of course, she can't possibly be interested in him because he is simply a nice guy, can she?

Yes, i admit, the guy was not THAT handsome. However, from what i see, the couple was happy together. Although people will always associate the 帅哥配美女 (Handsome guy & Pretty girl) idea in them.. there are still people who are not so particular with the outlook of a person. 

Being a couple, they should be happy together, as the two of them might be there with each other as partner for the rest of their life!

Come on, people!
Stop gauging people, or couple by their outlooks.
Look at their characters, behaviours, and inner beauty.

Being ugly, or not that handsome is not end of the world.


May this song motivate you, like how it did to me.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dr Ong Chit Chung

This afternoon, television, Channel 8 showed a documentary showing Dr Ong Chit Chung, and his family.

In case you don't know about him, Dr Ong was a Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC, which is the place im staying. 

Quoted from an article from ST:
* * * * * * * *
Dr Ong, a five-term MP, was very diligent about his Meet-The-People sessions, said Mr Chan Wee Lee, a Jurong town council manager in charge of Bukit Batok since 2001. 

'He'd make sure he saw all the residents personally. He'd come around 8pm and go home around midnight,' said Mr Chan, 41.

Like the other grassroots leaders, he ticked off a list of projects Dr Ong had implemented for his constituents.

In 2001, he introduced free daily dinners for about 100 needy people.

He started a bursary scheme for about 200 to 300 students from lower-income families who did not qualify for Edusave bursaries. which give $150 to $400 to students with good grades from lower-income homes.

Last year, he had 10 plasma TV sets, each 43-inch wide, installed at senior citizen's corners.

* * * * * * * *

However he passed away peacefully at home on July 14, 2008.
He was 59 years old.
He contributed a lot in making Bukit Batok, the place i am staying now, so well maintained.
And came up with the idea of having a large screen projector whereby residents of this area can enjoy a movie night together, under the moonlight.

According to mum, during a house visiting session, he actually came into our house and talked to us, i had not much memories of this, but seeing him at a few events within the neighbourhood.. to me, he was a humble and helpful man.

This was further confirmed from the aunties and uncles whom Dr Ong helped when he was the MP. 

One mentioned he was very friendly.
The other said he was so helpful, and very "people-oriented"

Great man. 

And it has been 3 years, since you left this world. 

This is just a post to remind ourself :
Life is short, and unpredictable. Live everyday happily. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

寂寞寂寞就好 by Briana 馬莉娜

Her name is Briana or 馬莉娜.
Her Facebook Page: HERE

Why i post her video?
1) She is pretty. (I admit.)
2) She likes Chinese! (written on her Youtube Page..)

And i am totally amazed by her singing in this video!!

Kinda sounded like Sun Yan Zi?

And she posted this today!

Another talented girl! +1 !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finding Princess Froggy..

As we advance or get commercialized , many things and buildings changes. The environment changes too.
During our parent's generation, they can run around in farms, and going all around to catch fishes, spiders.Their hands and feet touches the nature almost everyday.

All they see are things of nature : the trees, the green grass, the nice blue skies.

Nowadays, it is tough to find place that can bring us nearer to nature.

Let me introduce you an interesting place.

It is called the Jurong Frog Farm. (Website)

Located at Lim Chu Kang area, it is the only frog breeder in Singapore and a member of the Kranji Countryside Association.It is an eye opener to those who have never seen thousands of frogs croaking and feeding at the same time.

They have guided tours which are filled with fun facts about the frog's characteristics, habitat, mating habits and conservation. The hands-on-the-frog session is literal- here is where you’ll get to touch the skin of the frog and wonder at its softness.

(Picture taken from their website)

We only learn about frogs, of how they grow from a tadpole, to a frog. Now, at Jurong Frog Farm, you can actually get to touch them!! Hands on, hor!! =)

They are located at: 51 (PLOT56) Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 S(718864)

How to get there (By public transport)
1. Bus 975 ( Board bus from BUS STOP OPPOSITE LOT 1, CCK, there will be a 10 mins walk from the bus stop into Lane 6; look out for lamp post 42)
2. Kranji EXpress Shuttle ( KRANJI MRT, from 9am, every 1.5 hourly)

Opening Hours
9am to 5pm (Tuesday to Sunday & Public Holiday)

Phone: +65 67917229

If you are looking for places to visit over the weekends, or during school holidays, this can be a nice place!
Teachers, you can bring your kids here too!

I will be there again, soon to find my Princess Froggy by kissing one of the the many thousands of frogs in the farm. 


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The sweet girl from Thailand..

My new colleagues are a group of people, who can talk about almost everything under the sun. At a lunch one day, they started telling me to get a Thailand girlfriend, since i am handling the Thailand account of the company..

And coincidently, while surfing Youtube, i came across this video, with a very sweet girl in the video..

I could not understand what she was singing... luckily some kind person actually translated it to chinese!

อยากจะถามสักคำ ถามจริงๆ ถามเธอคิดยังไงกับฉัน
想要問一個答案 認真的問 問你對我的想法
แค่เป็นเพื่อนคุยกัน หรือมีความพิเศษซ่อนไว้
只是當聊天的朋友 或是有藏著其它特別的
อยากจะรู้จริงๆ รู้ใจเธอ ขอ..ขอฉันรู้ได้ไหม
真的想知道 知道你心裡 請...請讓我知道可以嗎
สิ่งที่คิดในใจ คล้าย หรือ ต่างกับฉัน
心裡所想的事情 跟我想的接近或相反
ก็อยากจะถามเธอก่อน ไม่อยากให้ช้าไป
就想先問你 不想要讓它拖延更多
วอนช่วยตอบ เร็วๆได้ไหม
คือ..ความรัก หรือว่าอะไร บอกได้ไหม..คนดี
是...愛情還是其它 好心人可以告訴我嗎
แค่อยากจะถามเธอก่อน ก่อนถลำใจ
ก็เพราะไม่รู้ทำไม ใจฉันตอนนี้
都是因為不知道為什麼 我的心變這樣
เริ่มร้อนๆ หนาวๆทุกที เวลาที่เจอหน้าเธอ
開始忽熱忽冷 每當我遇見你的時候更多
แดดทอฝนก็จาง เมฆลอยมา ฟ้าก็พลันสดใส
陽光照 雨退去 雲飄過 天空就馬上晴朗
แต่ใจฉันทำไม ยังคงกระวนกระวายอย่างนี้
但為什麼我的心 還這樣的焦慮
หากเธอคิดตรงกัน รู้ใจกัน ฉันคงไม่รู้สึกแบบนี้
如果你跟我有相同的感覺 我就不會這樣焦慮
โลกคงสวยทันที เหมือนอย่างที่ใจต้องการ
這個世界馬上變的美麗 像我的心情一樣
ก็อยากจะถามเธอก่อน ไม่อยากให้ช้าไป
就想先問你 不想要讓它拖延
วอนช่วยตอบ เร็วๆได้ไหม

* * * * * * * *
After some searching, i found out :
Her name was :  Patitta Attayatamavittaya 
Date of Birth: 26 August 1986
And a nickname of : Newwy (LOL)

Hong Wei, like !

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The poor maid..

Last night, i was having dinner with my friends..
Suddenly we notice a girl standing beside the table of the table behind us.

It was the maid of a family.

She (The Arrowed) was standing beside the table, while the employer (The Circled) was sitting down and eating.

"How can they do that!!" Our whole table screamed.. and started commenting on it, while i took this picture..

And with all this talking, the guy did not ask the poor girl to sit, and eat together with the family.. he even asked her to clean up the table.. (By the way, we are at Sakae Sushi restaurant.) She was there, standing, and looking at the guy, eating..

Either he "act blur" and did not hear our loud comments, or he could not understand English. *winks*

I feel angry and sad seeing this situation. 

I don't have maid at home, and if i have, i will treat her like a human too.
We employ her to help out in the domestic chores, not as slaves!

And if i become maid someday, i don't want to be treated like this too.. can i?

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