Friday, September 7, 2012

對你愛不完 !


I think this is the first song i heard from Aaron Kwok aka 郭富城.
And the hand style in the MTV.. (It might seem silly now, but it was real Hot that time during my schooling days!)
It might have been him who made boys having centre or side parking hairstyle. (I think i am.) =P

Yup, this is the hairstyle i talking about....

And the MTV !

Some other great songs like.. 伤心的话留到明天再说...

I think he can dance very well !

And this is for the ladies !!

I would still like some of his recent years songs.

Like : 真的怕了
A song i can keep repeating. 

Are you a fan of him?

He is having concert this coming Sat, in Singapore. 
Nope i am not going to watch it, therefore i am surfing youtube for his mtv.. =P


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