Friday, March 26, 2010

what have i gone to ?

It was a dinner and meeting up with sailesh88 and lilvalkrie

We went to try out the Once Upon A Milkshake that we been hearing about!

I love the colour of the wall, Purple! LoL..!

The drinks we had..

And of course, the happy people !

The drinks were not bad, it tasted sweet but not to the level of sweetness that i dont like.. overall its nice! =)
To find out more, you can click HERE ! Try it !

After this we headed over to Harry's Bar for drinks and chit chat.. crazy conversations and fun!

* * * * * * * *

OK, are you ready for the 'not so happy' parts?

*roll drums*
That is : i fell sick the next day! (Laughter cans background)

It was 39.7 Degree Celsius!

Doctor stared at me, thinking how can i work EIGHT hours with that kind of fever..? ( i don't know too! ) 
I got myself two days Medical Certificate (MC).

Thinking i would be better to go back to work on Friday, i got diarrhoea, producing 'watery products' every 15 minutes, on Thursday ! (sad...) 
Went back to the doctor, she told me it might be a virus attack from flu to gastric flu..
I got myself another one day MC.

Ok, three days MC = three days rest. What a way to get long weekends !

I hope i can enjoy myself at tomorrow's BBQ session..
* Please don't rain? *

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The fun times of the week..

Hello all my friends, how are you doing?
All of you are still visiting my blog (i hope?) Its collecting a bit of dust lately as i have been meeting up with friends..

It started out with housewarming on Thursday night at my classmate's new place at Seng Kang.

Love the lights.... don't ya?
But sorry i missed out the Social Media Night at @BrewerkzSG =( 
Got to find a day to visit them, soon!

* * * * * * * *

Then Friday, Steamboat meet up with the ladies @appleyay @ladylola_ @Priscias and @ir3n3loh ( got to name myself: Jennifer to get into the sisters gang.. =P ) With the price we paid, the food is not bad..

Was too hungry to take photos, only one i got was this.... 

The fun part : it starts to rain when we are almost finished eating.. *Take cover under shelter !*

We went over to Illuma beside Bugis Junction and @lilvalkrie @junnie247 joined us for ice-cream!!

Marble Slab Creamery ice-cream!
This was the Cool Mint Ice-cream..

* * * * * * * *
Last night was dinner with another friend.. Dian Xiao Er we went to.. and then Starbucks..

How was your weekends? =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Something to keep the happy spirit going.. 怎么样呢? =P

If you know Stephen Chow or 周星驰..
I hope you be laughing at this like me! =D

Its a stressful world out there, dont worry, be happy!! =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy as a Bee..

Hi all, how are you doing? =)

Sorry for the lack of entries, as i had been busy preparing for the company's dinner & Dance event last night. However, do not worry, i will be able to update more often as the event already ended... =)
I did not bring my camera along with me last night, so the photos will come some time later, ok?

Although mum complained about not seeing me for the past one week, i can still meet up my friends. Haha!

It started with KTV with my colleagues in the daytime, and then Kumar Show. It was funny!
In case you don't know who Kumar is.. A video for you!

The group photo, at the end of the show..
- From left to right (Standing, first row) : @avnjl, @hwsoh, @youareonvisual, @alyplusbass, @sianzrong, @goshprincess, @lilvalkrie, @smithankyou
- From Left to right (second row): @perignonic, @priscias, @seraphina22, @ladylola_, @dukbokiie, @chris_goh, @ir3n3loh, Kelvin

* Hope i did not miss out anyone? * =)
* * * * * * * *

On Tuesday, i went over to Rochor Beancurd at Upper Thomson. (Do support!)
It's a new outlet for them, Good job, Jason!

Of course new and "un-meetup" Twitter friends i made and finally meet up with!
Was thinking that it would be like a 5 or 6 persons meeting up.. but in the end, a lot of them turn up! =)

Look at that ! We even need to join up 3 tables..!
Standing (Left to right): Edwin, Me, Nic..
Sitting down (Left to Right): Nizam, Sidney, Isman, Jason (The Boss), Lennel + Girlfriend, Arien Valo and Lucas!

Hope there's another on soon! =)
* * * * * * * *
And on Thursday night, meet up some more friends for dinner at Cedele..

And sweet @ir3n3loh made a montage out of it! <3
In picture (left to right): they are: @ir3n3loh, @perigonic, me, @lilvalkrie & @simontay78

Let's meet up soon,again !
* * * * * * * *
This is getting lengthy, but Sat already gone, im left with Sunday to enjoy, so what should i be doing? hmm hmm.....

What will you be doing on a lazy Sunday..?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Visit to the Central Fire Station

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.
I am currently busy with work and also the company Dinner & Dance, which is on next Friday. Do bear with me, as i be back real soon! =)

I was very honored to be invited to an event to visit the Central Fire Station last Sat, thank you 24seven, Kris and Diana ! =)

It was definitely an eye opener for me as the only time i can see handsome firemen or the fire engine were dramas from the television..

This is Lta Foo, who was the host of the day..

We got chance to wear this, however it was too small for me.. Boo~
Anyway, can you guess who this is? HAHA~

I wanted to try this, which was able to bring us to the 8th floor.. but then sadly, there was some problem with it, and as safety we could not try it. ( Shall go again next time! )

Over here, they are trying to show us how they can convert a Honda Civic to a convertible..

A little boy suddenly appeared (from somewhere) and shows signs of: "i want to be a fireman when i grow up.." So Lta Foo carried him up the front seat to let him try.

He seems to enjoy it.. Haha~

We then proceed to the Heritage Gallery to see the history of fire-fighting.

It was a nice trip, my first time to a fire station, get to know more about the firemen, *salutes to all firemen!* and if you are interested to go, its open to public every Sat from 9 to 11am.

Like how the sign said: "All are Welcome!"

Some more pictures over here !
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