Monday, July 21, 2014


山寨版 refers to : "fake and low-quality products. "

Some of them i found on the internet, and maybe some of you already know.

(1) 山寨版歐巴馬
Yes, he is Barack Obama,  current President of the United States. And someone in Indonesia actually looked like him !

That smile, looked so much alike. WOW !

(2) 山寨版周潤發
Mr Chow Yun-Fat has his own clone version somewhere in the world too.
While i was in Taiwan last week, this advertisement was all over their tv channels.

Haha !

(3) 山寨版四大天王

(4) And finally, the hottest couple currently :  千頌伊 & 都敏俊.

Wow... 山寨版. Powerful.

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