Monday, September 30, 2013

What has the society become ?

Few days back, someone share this funny video of an old man, trying to "fight" at a bus interchange...

Today i see someone sharing about her Mother-In-Law being beaten up by their neighbour.

What has our society become ?

Singapore becoming more fast paced, people getting too stressful ???

Gone were the days, where people give way to each other in public transport...

Gone were the days, where we can still be able to find a table in a food court... now we need to "Fight" for it, if you agree with me ??

Friday, September 20, 2013


Its another stressful month.
Quarter End Month.
When everyone chases you at work. and i really mean EVERYONE.

So, what to de stress yourself ?

I watched Running Man shows and been too engrossed in it recently.
"跑跑人" i call it.

It's a variety show, whereby the hosts, and guest stars are being divided in teams, and playing against each other.
The hidden "R" signs hidden, and to be discovered by them.
The famous "ripping" off of the name tag, usually made us laugh out loudly, don't we?
Those funny games and missions, the producers thought of..

Some of my favourite characters are......

The spartan Kim Jong Kook.. Tiger..

The funny Lee Kwang Soo aka the Giraffe..

They also have romantic moments too!!

And, of course, The Monday Couple !!

Dont think they are real couple in life, but i sure hope they are a couple!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

So Jem..

Was shocked to hear of the ceiling collapse in the newly opened Jem shopping mall.

The news article reported that there was a leak in a water-pipe led to the Wednesday night collapse of a portion of the false ceiling. I was there few days back...

It was only opened for like 3 months?? Hmm....

The construction was not being done well?? Too rushed for the grand opening?? Hmm....

Anyway, the mall is closed "until further notice". Wondered when is the "further notice"..

Oh well, luckily i was not there last night..


Monday, September 16, 2013

换汤不换药 ( huàn tāng bù huàn yào )

换汤不换药( huàn tāng bù huàn yào ).

In English, i just translate it to : [a change in form but not in content], or Form or Name, may have changed, the content is still the same old one..

Days before, Apple intro their new Iphone 5S and 5C

The outlook, is looking the same!!
With not much breakthrough to me..  If you consider the finger scanning function as new... 

Actually i am looking forward to buying 5C, with different colours, which was rumored to serve the mid-to-low market.. 

Was thinking that the Iphone 5C would be sold at SGD600 (Without contract) sadly, it is S$848 for a 16GB model, and S$988 for the 32GB model. 


Suddenly i feel Apple kinda lost that "Magic" after Steve Jobs. 

I hope the IOS 7 coming next week, can make me feel better. 

Luckily for me, i still have a Samsung S2, somewhere in my cupboard. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad...

Attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing, or event (the attitude object).

We all have that, just how we show it out to others. 

Since the Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival is around the corner,most shopping centres, should have events selling or promoting their very own mooncakes..

Yummy mooncakes!!
Yes, someone so stingy like me, would be going around the events, doing all the food tasting of them all.
And most probably won't even buy from one stall... =x

That day during shopping trip, i came across one, and yes i did the same, by tasting the ones that they promoted.
Tried two kinds of their mooncakes, and the salesgirl keep pushing others, and kinda forcing you to buy at least one (instead of a whole box of it.. )

Firstly, i tried to walk around, and hopefully she wont pester me. *It did not work.
I tried to be honest and tell her i will look around and be back again later...
And then horror happened !
Her face immediately had a 360 degrees turn into an angry face, and walked off !

Ok, that is Attitude. 

I would expect her to smile, and at least say "Thank You".

Oh, well.. she should have expected such situation in her line, but it's rather unprofessional to do so right in front of the customer.

On another day, got an unknown call from some job agency guy.. who keep pestering to do an phone interview.
Nicely i rejected him, and asked him to email me instead..
He was very reluctant to hang up the phone.

I had no choice, this time, i was the one to show my Attitude to him.
"I am sitting right outside my boss office" i replied him.
After saying this, he still did not get the hint, but continued pestering me a few minutes, before ending the call.

Talk about being professional.

Several calls, were being seen on my mobile from the same number that day too. -___-"

You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad...  Come On, You Know..

We all have Attitude. However, do try to think of how the party receiving it feels, before showing Attitude.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank You, Hammy.

Thank you for biting me, when i tried to catch you.

Thank you for welcoming me, when i reach home, looking at me as i opened the door.

Thank you for bringing laughters, during that time when your cage was not being closed properly, and thus you ran out, and around the living room.

However, it was too sudden, that you just left us like that !

Mood changed when the news was being shared to me.
You were still alright, when i went off to work in the morning, right ?

*This photo is taken long ago, when i caught him in a cute sleeping position.

There were 2 x hamsters, now there's only 1 x left. (Guess its about time for the other one too...?)

I love animals, but dont like the truth that they will die and leave us, someday.

Thank you again, Hammy !
Miss you !

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