Sunday, January 29, 2012

采花贼 (The flower thief )

The Sentosa flower festival, is an annual event, usually during the Chinese New Year, and of course, super crowded.

My friends and i visited last year too, we decided to visit it again this year too!! =)

Greeted by this RWS logo, when we arrived..

The "turning" Dragon ...

This year, the flowers and decorations was not as much (As compared to last year.)... i had to sit down and think of ways.. (HAHA!)

Anyway, we still continue moving, among the crowds..sight seeing and taking photos..

Interesting, spotted a bee !

And a few girls, using their soft toys, to take pictures with them.. (I admit, i laughed at them very loudly.)

Nemo!! =)

Some decorations, we need to queue in order to take photo with it.
And since it was super long queue for the "heart shape" one, i decided to stand somewhere near and make it look as if i was in between the "heart".


One day 采花贼 !

Monday, January 23, 2012

The funny people on public transport.

Most of us, like me, takes the public transport in Singapore.
Be it the squeezy bus, or the sometimes break down train.

I am sure there are weird, or strange happenings you came across while on them .

Things i usually bump into:
1. People who dont move into the back of the bus, or the middle of the train cabin. 
They are people who want to get onto the transport, FIRST, and of course FIRST to alight.

2. People who lay on the poles (aka Tare Panda, to me)
They are people who enjoy laying, all over the poles on the transport. And people got no poles as support while the train or bus moves.

I caught one that day.

3. People who can sit, anywhere. 
They are people who can sit anywhere on the transport, while others are trying to squeeze onto the transport.
On the floor, on the styrofoam box they brought onto the bus, on top of the first aid box area of bus..

Coincidentally. I caught one of such people too !

This guy just walked into the cabin, and sits on the floor, and dozed off. (He must be super tired.)
However, praise him for not occupying the "reserved seat". =)

4. People who like to share what they are watching or listening to.
They are people, who blasted loudly on their mp3 players, so loudly, i can hear it so clearly, two seats away.
Another group are people, who watch dramas, video on their phones, or ipads.
They are very good, as they usually will on the volume to very loudly and share what they are watching, (with some laughing in between.)
And, since the ipad screen is rather big, i can also watch with you, as im sitting beside you. =P

5. (The most unusual) Singing Bus Drivers
I not sure if SMRT or SBS has a policy for allowing bus drivers to be able to on their "personal radio", to start singing and whistling.
Anyway, i encountered a few of such cases already.

These are some of the kind of people i usually encounter.
I bet there are many more unusual happenings you bump into?

Share in the comments ! =)

Sunday, January 22, 2012



Which is also my lunar Birthday!

It sounded weird, I am considered to be born in the Year of the Dog, and Pig.
Pig head, Dog body. 


Happy Birthday to myself !!

Friday, January 20, 2012

All ready for Chinese New Year?

Hello all , are you ready for the Chinese New Year?

I admit i did not really spring cleaned my room, yet, and its still as messy. (Already warn friends who are coming for visits.)

There were quite a few negative posting on my Facebook feed this few days, and its a rather bad timing that such things happen, hope my friends involved are all doing good.
It maybe the Chinese New Year period, but there are still some people who cannot celebrate or being held up by last minute things.(SIGH.)

Anyway ! As people starts to clear their leave and go back to their hometown to enjoy the holiday, the office and public bus was so peaceful today.

An office hamper lucky draw, brought me a bird nest.
Although the number is not of a lucky number, and i was aiming that can of Abalone. HAHA!

The coming week, it will be a three days work week for me, but most colleagues are on leave the whole week. (I was too green, and no leaves to clear.)

I will have the Weekends, Monday and Tuesday rest.
Work to resume on Wednesday. 

Happy Chinese New Year to all of ya and May the new year be a great one! =)

May the Fortune God (财神) visit all of you !

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Excuses on why still no girlfriend for the CNY season.

Chinese New Year coming.
Every year, i am always being target by the relatives and friends, the same question :
" Why still no girlfriend ah, you? "

Usually i will smile and say "Oh, not yet found yet.." and walks off.

This year, (Trying to be creative) I think i better come out with something special.

Can i reply :
  • "Oh, i am Gay..." *plus the girl girl hand signs*
  • "I just divorced.." 
  • "I ordered one from Ebay, should be shipped over to me, by next month.."
  • "I was waiting for someone clever enough to know how good i am!"
  • *Takes out handphone* and show the girl wallpaper on my mobile, "there you go!"
Some others interesting answer i got from Facebook and Twitter.....
  • juz say haven found a suitable one and give a cute smile and walk away.. =) (Can!)
  • haha u wana help me i help u hahaha (Guess my this friend needs help too!)
  • Gay! Dun like girl. Lol (+1)
  • Fortune teller says dragon year not good for me get gf. Vietnamese girl scare of dragon (This sounds good!!)
  • isn't it simple? because i decided to stay single forever! hahahahaha (LOL)
  • you haven't found the "one" yet and that you must never rush good things ;) (Another good excuse!)
  • =X (No such website leh...)
  • Just say you are happy just the way you are. I always say "My time have not come yet." (Good!)
  • Aiya, y bother? Just say single life is better! Don't u think so? I do enjoy! Haha (Cool!)
My friends are very good at giving ideas! =D

Anyway, if you asked, my standard of a girlfriend actually drop in quality as years past.. (i.e. Requirements got lowered.)
  1. If you are not into super handsome kind of guys,  you passed the first stage.. 
  2. If you can stand my jokes (Dirty, Clean, Lame, blah blah...) 
  3. If you can mix well with my friends..
  4. If you love your family and friends, and of course animals, like i do.. 
  5. If we can share the common interests... 
Come on my readers, anyone want to be friends, can Email me, Tweet me, Facebook me.
Now i sounded like im selling myself off! (HAHA)

Anyway, it takes two hands to clap, can't force.

In English, "Dare you to do it !" =P

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Die for the country.

I am sad to see yet another such incident. News Article (From

The heading wrote: SAF NSman dies during in-camp training.
Quoted from the article, 28-year-old Li Hongyang, a security trooper from the 62nd Service Support Battalion, fainted after completing his 2.4km run at 8:38am. 

As a NSman (Soldierswho completed the 2 or 2.5 years of National Service in Singapore) myself, i admit my fitness was not of those super fit kind of person. All i can say is that i am still able to walk, and run after the bus.
And, of course, the few 10km run + walk events..

To me, this is already being fit.

Being able to pass the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), every year, is a good thing, as we are being excused the extra 2 to 3 months of "Remedial Training" (RT) of physical training.
I have seen people running at their very best (Or pushing themselves so hard..) to meet the timing of the 2.4km, so as to pass the test.

Once, i came across someone lying, face down, at the finishing line and trying to catch his breath. The medical soldier dash up to him, and luckily he was alright !
Otherwise, his finishing line of his 2.4km would end earlier. (i.e. he passed away even before reaching the finishing.)

I admit i am one of the regulars of the RT club. Not sure about you?

If i quit my job, and train hard regularly, maybe i can do it.
If i quit my job, where my income will come from, to sustain the living expense of Singapore?

Training to pass the IPPT or earn money, which one more important ??

Formula of Singapore Men = 2 years National Service + 10 Years of yearly In-Camp-Training + Yearly IPPT + Work Overtime + Increase Birth Rate + Buy Car + Buy Flat + Blah Blah Blah...

Oh, by the way, my yearly IPPT window, opening next month.

Maybe this video can keep us going.....

Here we go, again !

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Toy !

After some 2 weeks, with most telcom out of stock, I got my new toy !!!

My Samsung S II~

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

With the software similar to my Samsung Galaxy Ace, i think i will face not much problem adjusting to this new toy. Best part, it is bigger screen and of better hardware too !!
I can finally play Tiny Tower! =P

Another thing to look forward, would be Sat.

張惠妹 concert !!! Finally you came to Singapore, and i finally get to see your concert !!
This is so exciting and i even went to buy light sticks for my friends!
Gonna be a fun night !! =D

張惠妹 ! 張惠妹 !! 張惠妹 !!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

First day of 2012

Happy New Year, everyone!

How was the countdown on the New Year eve?
I was at home, with my beer and titbits, and counting down with the "Live" countdown on TV. As i get older, i realized i cannot stand the crowds.. =P

And then, on the first day of the new year, i went to Malaysia, early in the morning.

JUSCO, Tebrau City, and they already start their Chinese New Year events, playing the songs. =)

Next stop.
Let you all guess where did we go to?

Johor Premium Outlet !!
The place where all the branded shops are, Burberry, Coach, Armani Exchange...
The few of us, with the help of our Malaysia friend, drove up to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).

Few things to take note, the super long queues of cars trying to get into the place..
You need to pay to get parking.. (*cough* but you MIGHT not need to. =P)
The place was over crowded.. (I almost fainted myself.)
There were limited machines to pay for the parking.

And, after this, i dont think im going there again. Not my type of place. =)

Anyway, there was this very cool spectacle i saw outside a shop. Who will wear this?? =P

Not a wasted trip, i managed to get two belts, three tshirts, good food, and of course quality time with friends! =)

Best part, Monday is not a working day, so we shall have Tuesday to Friday Blues!! =D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012, Byebye 2011 !

One year ago, i wrote this.

Year 2011, was an exciting one.

Friends or Relatives who got married.
Friends who found the other half.
Friends who are planning to get married, or engaged.
Friends who graduated or will be graduating soon from their studies.
Friends who got new and better jobs, promotions, great increments.

Old friends, New friends.
Your friend became my friend. My friend became yours.

Happy 2012 to all of you out there!
Great health and happiness to you, and your loved ones!! (",)v

May Year 2012, be a great year !

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