Monday, April 28, 2014

How's it going ?

Hi All !
How's everyone doing ?

Life been the same, and work is still as busy.

Two years at the workplace. Either you carry on with the flow, or you change the environment (new job).
In order not to cut off the monthly income, it is better to Bite that Bullet and move on.  

Something to remind myself is to 咬紧牙关 [ 拼音: yǎo jīn yá guān ] 
(i.e. clench one's teeth; be determined; endure; endure with dogged will; grit one's teeth; keep a stiff upper lip; with set teeth.)

I decided to grow some mini plants at work, to calm the mind. It seems to be growing.

A cheap S$2.90 item from Qoo10.

Do you have plants in office? Where do you get them from ??

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