Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyone needs it, everyone uses it.

NOTE : This post shall be posted, and preferably read after dinner time.

In English, it is being translated to "Toilet".

Eeeks !! Why this topic ??

The story is due to the office public toilet being made dirty by someone recently....

How dirty ?

Not to scare off readers, i just put it as "Evidence" of "exported substance" left behind, all over the place, to describe the situation.
The rest is up to your imagination, unless you want me to take a picture of it? =P

Still wondering who was it... (Hmm. . . however i suspected someone already...)

Toilet, can be your best friend, but please dont dirty all over the place, can ??

Clean up your own SHIT ! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

That voucher that scammed me..

*Blows off the dust on the website*

Yes, not been updating here lately.. however, i would like to bring the attention to a scam i got myself into, lately.

I think most of you heard of Websites like Groupon, Deals.com.sg, or Street Deal...

A voucher i bought from Street Deal few months back, i was unable to redeem it.
What happened ??

I bought the voucher, a good deal, a 3D2N stay at 5* Hotel & Suites with Daily Breakfast & Complimentary WiFi + 2-way Flights via AirAsia/ Tiger Airways. for SGD 150. 
And the redemption valid for 3 months.

I thought "Wah! Good deal !!!"

Bought the voucher, and keep it until recently i realized the redemption period is ending.

As according to the voucher, we can just go to the system, and book which date to go.
Did as instructed, and then........

Got an error message !

I tried that for the few days, and was still getting the same error.

I decided to email the company (Travelsmoove). No one replied my email.

The next few days, i followed up and called their office number. No one answered my call.

Did my own research, and through a friend on Twitter (Cheers to power of Social Media!), shared me this facebook page called "TravelSmoove Scammed Me"
I was relieved to know i was not alone, and not in the worst situation.

With this page, I send emails to whatever emails i can find on the page, hints from the comments of the people in the page... and to Streetdeal.sg..

Latest update : The company was being put under liquidation, the company winded up, the assets and property of the company redistributed.

With advices from Streetdeal.sg (not sure if they are pushing the responsibilities or really helping..), I sent all the document needed to the Provisional Liquidator of Absolutinspira Pte. Ltd. hoping to get back my refund.

My advice to all friends : cheap not equate to good. 

Not sure if i can get back the refund yet. (SIGH)

Be careful, spread the news, dont be scammed, like me.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kittens found chopped into pieces outside Chong Pang flat...

So shocked at the news !
(Sorry, i am not attaching the photos, reason being it is very cruel.)

Which sicko would do such a thing ?!

Poor kittens !!

Now Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and a member of public, is offering rewards to catch this sicko.

Do you have any information about this incident ??

Spread the news.
I hope that person get caught soon... !!

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