Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy weekends..

Firstly, its the Singapore Presidential Election 2011. Talking about not able to vote, this is my second vote after the General Election in May! (HAHA!)

In May, it was much easier to choose as there were only one, two parties to choose from. Either A or B.

This time around, we got 4 of them to choose from!! (And such a coincidence, they all are having the surname Tan!)

A Dr Tony Tan with his "pair of specs", Dr Tan Cheng Bock and "palm tree", Mr Tan Jee Say showing his "heart" and Mr Tan Kin Lian "high 5" with people he sees...

Anyway, the best one is still Mr Ong Teng Cheong, the first directly elected President.

And, also, he looked a bit like my grandpa.. =)

I still dont know who to vote. 

* * * * * * * *
Later tonight, i will be going for a concert. 
Whose concert, you may ask ?

I dont need to say much. 

Excited! =D

Monday, August 22, 2011

我最親愛的 - 張惠妹

I actually saw this MTV on my cable tv this morning, and its been repeating itself, in my head for the rest of the day..

張惠妹 been always one of my idols.. i just love her singing!

Perhaps the lyrics, is very meaningful.=)

作曲:Russell Harris
監製:張惠妹.Jim Lee

請你放心 我變得更加堅強 
我最親愛的 你過的怎麼樣 
沒我的日子 你別來無恙 
依然親愛的 我沒讓你失望 
讓我親一親 像過去一樣 
我最親愛的 你過的怎麼樣 
沒我的日子 你別來無恙 
依然親愛的 我沒讓你失望 
讓我親一親 像朋友一樣 

我最親愛的 你過的怎麼樣 
沒我的日子 你別來無恙 
依然親愛的 我沒讓你失望 
讓我親一親 像親人一樣 
我最親愛的 你過的怎麼樣 
沒我的日子 你別來無恙 
依然親愛的 我沒讓你失望 
讓我親一親 像過去一樣

Sunday, August 21, 2011

PRC oh PRC..

The couple sitting in front of me at the Toa Payoh MacDonald, i overheard, all your conversation. (It was too LOUD.)

Encountered someone posting this on forum, of a PRC uncle scolding a lady, at the counter..

Poor girl was being scolded right at the counter.. =(

There was an even more juicy news on Indian family cooking curry, and being complained by our PRC friends..

Then as this news came out, (people like me who loved Curry, of course, unhappy), a Facebook event of "Cook and Share a Pot of Curry" appeared ~

Mr Brown, funny as ever, came out with this Curry Night song.. HAHA!

Since you are in MY country, please try to get into OUR culture, or at least, if you are not eating/liking the food we eat.. you can just watch us eat.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ghost Festival a.k.a. the Hungry Ghost Festival

A year past since my post here..

It is the Hungry Ghost Festival month, again..
We do offerings, praying..

Sat, the family did prayers to Grandpa, and also to mark the 15th day of the 7th Lunar Month..
There was tons of food, and my favourite: Curry!! =D

I also had wax on my hand, while trying to light the candles..

Come to think of it, the town councils did not put enough metal bins for us to burn the incense paper, for the "good brothers"..
Being environment friendly is one thing, we should still respect the "good brothers".. and if we burn them on the ground, we will be fined.
We need more metal bins.. (at least for this month?)

There was so much food, im still eating the curry moon hoon, during lunch just now.

Dear friends, dont stay too late outside, be safe!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

忐忑-龚琳娜 (Tan Te - Gong LinNa)

Hi all! How's everyone doing?
Finally its weekends, what are you doing this weekend?

Anyway, i got into a new job (again..), so its back to basic of learning new things. Therefore will be MIA(missing in actions, a little) =)

By the way, have you heard of this song before?
It is called 忐忑 - which means Perturbed, or making (someone) anxious or unsettled.

Basically i dont really get the lyrics.. but then, its rather addictive.
I guess it became so popular, people started making their own version of it. =D

See my friend here..

My favourite version, still from this girl.


Just for laughs!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Taiwan trip - 22 to 29 July 2011

My very first time to Taiwan! After watching so many of Taiwan variety shows, of traveling, food.. i am finally on the way to visit this nice country..!

It was great fun, even though we were there 8 days, there were still so much to be seen and eaten.. should be going again, soon. (after saving up some more $$, haha!)

With much excitement, we boarded the plane..!
After about 5hours, we reach Tao Yuan airport.. and as we make our way to the hotel, we took lunch on their Taiwan High Speed Rail.. traveling at about 320km per hour (wow!)
It was about an hour journey to the destination.

After checking in, we walked around the area and took the Hello Kitty & friends flyer. Each capsule was of different cartoon theme.. cuteness!

We visited the nearby night market, they have so much night markets to visit at each area of the country!

It was about 10+pm already, but the place was still crowded. (in Singapore, the shopping centres are already closed at this time.Zzz..)

The day 2, we visited 垦丁, 鹅鸞鼻, there is a very nice lighthouse, and nice scenery.

Day 3 was
, and we visited 逢甲夜市 for shopping and more food..

And came across a "成龙鸡排" ... LOL

We visited 阿嘉的家,one of the place which was used to make the movie:

Day 4, we went to 清境, 青青草原..

We saw sheep, and beautiful horses..

Able to guess what these are? =P

Next few days we travelled to 台北 and was there till the day 8!

Of course we visited the Taipei 101 building..


The 渔人码头 or the The Fisherman´s Wharf. Watching the sun setting, and couples sitting around with the lady's head resting on the guy's shoulder. A great place for dating! =)

We went to 野柳地質公園, to see interesting rocks..

十分 to write our wishes and seeing our 天燈 flies up into the sky.

The always crowded 西門町..

In the end, i did not bump into Jacky Wu, only a poster. LOL

As i wrote in the beginning, there were still so much to be seen and eaten.. this post is just a simple sammary of the places, i have been to. If you have the chance, do visit Taiwan, and share your experience too! =)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We F***ing did it..!

Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) Ms Trinetta Chong, 23, gave a speech to inspire and congratulate her schoolmates during the school's convocation ceremony held on campus.

A speech that came out of the newspaper...

She used the word F*** !

As from, it really means a not so good wording to use.

But anyway, some words got many meanings too..
For example the word: Gay 

It can actually mean carefree and merry too. 

The western country was quite open to using this word actually.. almost every sentence, the F word can be present.. 

Same goes to songs too..!

* I am posting the "Clean" version of the song. If you interested and of legal age, go ahead and find the dirty versions, ok? =)

She could be too happy that she forgotten it was quite a serious ceremony going on.. forgive her? Or just let time be the judge.. Forget..? =)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tweet Meet 2011

Hi all, im back from Taiwan, after a week holiday there!
There's just so much to see and eat, so little time. 
Shall write about the trip (Soon..) Hehe.. =)

Anyway, the day after i touched down, i was involved in the Tweet Meet event by Infocomm Accessibility Centre (IAC), whereby volunteers are being tasked to deliver 40 netbooks to the homes of people with disabilities and connect them to the Tweet Meet online community.

The netbook.. 

I was being partnered by the cute and cheerful Ryna (, who guided me along of what to do, as i was overseas during the week. 
Bacially, we need to deliver the netbooks to over the their homes, and then help them to set up some social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

Ryna, was interacting and making friends with them.. while i help to do the setting up.. 

After which, we introduced them to Twitter, and Facebook. The fun part was the Skype programme, whereby we called in to an IAC member, as it was also the first time i use skype to do a video call! HAHA! We learn together..! =)

A screen shot of us! 

Although the tiredness and lack of sleep, i am still very happy to see the big smile from the two of them..
It was a fulfilling experience, and hope they are happy with the new netbook, and can make more friends through the social media platforms we introduced. =)

The mum and the brothers were very nice and made us souvenirs!
How sweet? =)

Support the Nothing Less project at too!

Thank you!
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