Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday walkabout..

Hi all, how's the Sunday going?

Today, i went Bugis, for praying at Temple. And of course, the usual walk about the area..
Before i reached the temple, something interesting caught my eye!

This guy stood so still, for so long.. haha!

Went over to Bugis Junction, and there was a Singapore International Racing Festival.

They displayed a few models of horses with interesting names!
One named: Speedy Gonzales, the other: Princess Victoria.. =)

A Lee Cooper advertisement.. ( the scooter, nice!! )

And i bought something for myself! An earphone~ =)

* * * * * * * *
I be visiting Penang end of the week, for a short holiday.
As i am not wearing contact lens, i bought a cheap clip-on sunglasses..!

Nice? HAHA!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet friends of Hong Wei

If you are following me on Twitter, you will find me tweeting about finding gifts on my work desk. ( i found out who you are already..! hehe! )

I am very fortunate and honored to have such sweet friends, always bringing me little gifts.(I also did buy things for them too, hor~ )

Being someone who is easily contented of people being nice to me, i want to shout : I love all my friends! <3

This week, i found :

And an ex colleague i meet up for today, baked me cakes! *Yum Yum*

Once again, i LOVE all my friends, whoever you are!! (",)v

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Apple's iPhone 4G ?!

Some guy actually found a iPhone 4G in a bar ?

According to, it was found lost in a bar in Redwood City..
And looking at the pictures he posted...

Hmm hmm... how do you think ? =)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Iceland volcano erupts.. European flights interrupted.

Through today's newspaper, i found out an Iceland volcano erupted..!
Causing a cloud of ashes, it interrupted many air flights in Europe.. and airports closed..

From a news article from CNN, --> HERE
Airports have lost close to 136 million euros ($184 million U.S.) so far, said Olivier Jankovec, director general of Airports Council International Europe, a group that represents airports. More than 6.8 million passengers have been affected, he said.

Wow~ 136 million euros!!!

It seems like the ash cloud is moving towards more European countries..

I am concerned about this as i am traveling overseas end of the month, but luckily not to Europe, only Penang, lah..! Hope the volcano ashes can clear up soon, and the flights back to normal, again...

To those affected: take care and stay calm.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Little outing to Resorts World Sentosa with parents !

Brought parents to Resorts World Sentosa on Sat afternoon!
It was a last minute affair, as both of them were on off days..

And so we set off after lunch.. took the MRT, it was crowded, no seats found. (even though mum kiasu-ly ran in when the doors opened.) So Papa and Mama, got to stand...

We reached Outram Park, it was a long walk (for parents) to the North East line. Once again, crowded. Mum stared at the escalator, i told her with a smile : the crowds never ends!

Reached HarbourFront station, and i decided to bring them to use the Sentosa Express, a S$140 million light rail system that provides easy access to Sentosa,
Seeing we could use the ez-link card to get onto the train, parents went through the gates, but ! Ding Ding!! My card din get through..!

"Sorry, Nets flashpay ez-link card can't be used.." the cute boy told me at the gates.
"ARGH" was what went through my mind and had to run to buy their $3/- Sentosa pass, before joining back with parents..

Was kinda pissed off with this as i had to let them stand there to wait for me in between the crowds.. -__-"

Anyway! We reach Sentosa, Resorts World Sentosa!!

The huge Universal Studio planet logo..

Stood outside the gates and took this.. =)

Of course, brought them to Casino(*Cash Register sound*), but only the outside, Haha!!
It was alot of people, visitors, people there hoping to win some money..

A little pond..

Some of the nice designs they have inside the Resort..
Papa went "Wah" when inside, he was amazed at the nicely done lightings..

An unique elephant with very thin legs statue i saw..

I like these escalators, that changes colours.. but then i start to wonder the number of lighting tubes, and how much energy they used? Hmm.. hmm...

But anyway, we went home soon after the walk around. It was enough walking for the parents, i knew. =)

I wish i can bring them out more often, but I can't, as they are not able to walk too long distance, and would need to find seats to rest once in a while (in which it's lacking in many places.. SIGH!)

Whatever it is, i hope they enjoyed the trip! =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lin Yu Chun : "the new Susan Boyle"...

I saw this news ..
Im sure alot of you heard this song before...
Whitney Houston - I will always love you

 Hav you heard Lin Yu Chun's version ?

Some article i googled about him, HERE..

Wow, i wish i can sing like him.....
and who say ugly people (me included) are not good!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Long Weekends!

Hello all~ Happy Long Weekends!
Have you been enjoying yourself?

I know i did ! =)

An sudden feeling of going exercising, with soccer with my colleagues, and badminton this morning.Although the body aches, i still enjoyed the sports! Haha!

Another place i visited on Sat was the National Museum of Singapore.
It was an exhibition called : Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt

It showcased 230 artefacts to let us know more about ancient Egyptian’s attitude to life and the afterlife, and the preparations they made to ensure their transition from earthly existence to immortality. My friend and i took about 2+ hours to finish the exhibition.

The very nice entrance.

Amazed over the cravings on them..

Too many photos i took, until my digital camera went low battery.. haha!Some pictures are taken with my Iphone.

What ever it is, amazing is my conclusion !

I also went to watch Clash of the Titans!
It was great~ 5 out of 5 stars, i give!
You should watch it !

So what have you been doing during this long weekends? =)
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