Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekends and No more exams!! (for the time being..)

After one and a half year of tears and sweat..
I want to announce: I cleared all modules in the part time diploma course i took ! Which means, i graduate ! =D

So happy when i checked online and saw the results i got.. although it was not straight A's but i am very pleased with myself, as i know i tried my best!

*Good job, Hong Wei !*
* * * * * * * *

I meet up Simon for supper on Sat night for Roti Prata at Bukit Gombak last night.. It was a last minute arrangement and i guess we both enjoy it.. =P

The food we had..

There you go, Simon ! =)

We chatted all the way till 4am.. and i took a 30 minutes walk home, luckily we stayed very near to each other.. Haha!!

We were talking about iphone applications and taking pictures, to introduce one of the applications he had (i downloaded it after which..),
Simon took a photo of me and used it to help me to look more 'handsome'..

First time i looked so great!
Pass anot? Hehe..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My CNY Day 1, 2 and 3.... and RIP poor ham ham..

Hello all, how's your Chinese New Year, in short: CNY going? =)

Sorry, I thought about it, i should post this. (CNY should not have talk about death....)
My friend gave me two hamsters to keep about 2 weeks ago. Last Friday, i discovered one of them dead in the cage. I suspected it was being bitten to death as i saw the face area was bitten...

There were signs of the two fighting, but ignored them as i thought they were playing with each other.. i should have separated them ! =(
Now having single hamster seems much more quiet..

R.I.P. my dear hammy..

I throw in the food, it also got no reactions.... SOB! 

* * * * * * * *

Back to the CNY !

Day 1
My Day 1 was spent at Grandparents house.
The annual gathering of the uncles and aunts, and of course the giving of ang baos! Haha!! This year was also Valentine's Day on the first day of CNY, that might be the reason why my cousins all brought their partner along this year. -___-"
The whole house was so full of people! haha... but still i was not being spared the annual question of : "Hong Wei, where you girlfriend, AH ?" *Blush*

Good thing: i 'escaped' from there to my friend's place shortly. HAHA !

Shall end this CNY Day 1 with a smile!

Day 2
Usually Day 2 means rest day, and seriously it was!
Done nothing much except rest.. and the following picture also hinted me to stay home...

Agree ? =)

Day 3 (Today)

Today i went visiting to my classmate's place. She welcome us with fried mee hoon,a self-made pineapple dish, fried chicken and many goodies ! (Sorry, too engrossed in eating and chit chatting, so no pictures.. =x )

But anyway, i still got a picture to share ~


Tomorrow, Day 4 is back to work !
How many of you are starting work tomorrow too?

Do not feel sad, CNY last fifteen days! and also at least we did not start the week with the Blue Monday..!~ =D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Membership Renewal of the Singles Club for Year 2010..

This year, the first day of Chinese New Year falls on 14 Feb, which is also Valentine's day!
How special ?

I checked and double checked, my calendar still dont have 14th Feb. =) (If you know what i meant..)
My usual practice is to hide at home, but i cant do it this time as its first day of CNY, also. =( Maybe i should go out without my spectacles, in this case i cant see the sweet sweet couples. LoL =D

Another way is to disguise myself, to be more obvious to the singles ladies !

Like this, can ? =P

May this two songs make the singles happier, because you are not alone! =)

Shania Twain - You're still the one

The Corrs -What Can I Do

But anyway, to the couples, the attached, all of you out there..
Happy Valentine's Day! =) 

Friday, February 12, 2010

My birthday celebration 2010 and Happy Chinese New Year !

This might be a long post.. =)

Yet again, its my birthday again! Another year had gone past just like that.
Many great friends treated me good food, flooded me with birthday sms, on Twitter, Facebook, face to face.. all sorts !

I have to say again (Already said it many times..), a big THANK YOU ! =)

On the actual birthday on 11th Feb, everything was simple.
It was a dinner gathering with a few good friends at Jurong Point. I did the organizing, ordered and collected my own cake from Bakerzin.(sounds weird?)

All i told my friends, was : Just attend ! =)

The great friends !


The cake-excited Hong Wei..

My present.. =)

Before this dinner, my lovely colleagues also gave me a present.

Shopping Vouchers ! Shopping time !! =P

And after few trips of shopping, i finally found a iphone case that i like!

And to end this part, I thank you to all my friends, all those who wished me Happy Birthday,buy me presents,treat me good food.
Virtual hugs to all of ya! <3 

* * * * * * * *
Today i was on leave and its also my Lunar birthday, how nice? =P
Every year, Gandma would cook me meehoon with pig liver, and with two eggs ! Yums~

Looks nice, tasted even better! =)

(Sorry this post is so naggy, ok i cut short here ! )
Wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year, and enjoy the holidays ! =)

Ending with a picture i took at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hong Wei ! =)

Happy Birthday, Hong Wei !
One year older, one year wiser.
May the year be full of fun and happiness! =)

The next post will be the celebrations~ =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ready for Chinese New Year ?

5 days to Chinese New Year.

How's the preparations going?
Have you done spring cleaning? - I have not, actually.
Have you bought new clothes?? - I did not, too. ( i guess my clothes i bought during normal days are enough.. =P )
Have you taken leave to celebrate??? - YES i just did!! I be on leave on 12th ! YEAH!!

I been eating Bah Gua, pineapple tarts, the cookies.. and so much more!
One thing i have to remind is the Mandarin Oranges. (I ate one today and been coughing since... sad! ) So my dear friends, take note this, ok?

The crowds at my neighbourhood was horrible.. its like everyone is buying things, and the whole NTUC supermarket was packed!!

And if anyone noticed, Chinese New Year is also the time to throw things. (Take a look around the rubbish at your void deck... imagine the amount of waste we created?? ) 

* * * * * * * *
My colleague, Robert,  gave the whole office people a surprise today !

First time he did this, we were so surprised! = )

I shall go to bed, as this week is a busy week.. meeting friends tomorrow and Thursday night.

Take care and have fun !

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dinner on a nice Thursday night..

Meet up Jessie, my "little sister" (We happened to have same surname too! lol.. )

We went Manhattan Fish Market, Marina Square branch. I really enjoyed their food, i was eating their food on last Sat, and then the following Thurs. Haha!

They are having this 1-For-1 lobster promotion at $28.80. Added $4.90 for the "Perfect Catch" offer (With Iced Tea and Soup of the Day), With lobster, fish, calamari, fries, and rice, i feel its pretty worth it! =)

Go try it out! =)

And i saw this video from Facebook, want to share to more friends.

Can't read my, Can't read my..
No he can't read my poker face... 


Tennis tomorrow, great weekends to all my friends! =) 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Surprise from the Letterbox !

I open the letterbox and saw a squarish envelope attention to me. 

"Could it be the EP i ordered?? " I thought to myself...  Opened it, and WOW!~ It's the KEEP! Kewei & Einein EP i ordered ! =) 

Been a silent fan of Ke Wei, i watched their youtube videos, read her blog, followed her on Twitter.. (oops, not so silent after all, Haha!)

It was so sweet they wrote a small message on the EP cover!

Am listening to the CD while im typing this entry, its nice and if you are interested to get one, you can go to here


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