Sunday, August 30, 2009

EZ-Reload by GIRO - How convenient is it ?

I was celebrating my friend's birthday last night.. cakes and wine.. and of course, tons of fun !! =D Something interesting.. I thought use GIRO is for convenience for people... still got fee de ah ?

Look at the charges...

• $0.25 convenience fee per top-up;

• $1.50 Application fee per card*;

• A refundable deposit amount equivalent to the chosen EZ-Reload by Giro top-up amount for each ez-link card

• $2 administrative fee for each unsuccessful deduction from bank account

So if i lost my that ezlink card, i still got to pay the fee? And if my bank bo lui ( no money) liao.. i still kena charged the $2 administration fee? WEE !!! If i am using this function, Im gonna get a BIG,HEAVY chainlock for my ezlink card le... =P Its a rainy sunday, even up the time when i am writing this post... what you been doing today leh ? Tag me leh ! haha!

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