Monday, August 17, 2009

Volunteering work

It was a very bored working Monday.
I just dont feel like working today... PUI !
Anyway, i had a meaningful Sunday! =D
I went to offer my help at Chong Pang CC yesterday afternoon, all the way till 12+pm in the night then i got home..
It was fun,meaningful and get to know new friends.. =)
Our tasks was to usher the old folks, bringing them food, drinks..
Look at the crowds..
It was hokkien opera, divided into afternoon session and evening session.
Nice feeling after the work, although i din really help much. haha!
But then hor, i think i will do more of volunteering if i can... hehe!
Like the Pet Fish on my blog. I like Fish..
Maybe i should call myself Fish Soh.. but got someone called Fish Leong liao leh... haha!
How ah?
So how was your Sunday? Was it as meaningful as mine? =P

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