Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are you alone too?

"When you are so used to being alone, you forgot someone called partner.. Its just yourself... alone.. "

This is my current Facebook status. Do you agree with this sentence? I come about this sentence is because: on Sat night (after my Tennis game), buddy and i meet up at the coffeeshop, and we each started to call nearby friends to join us in the chit chatting session. We called and called, no one picked up.. and even up till now, also have not called back to me... The two of us were so disappointed, we cant even make it to ask one single friend to join us even though some are at home and staying across the street!! So i have to conclude: ultimately we have to get used to being alone (and i think i am really used to it..) and try to find our own activity or programmes.. I'm not saying i dont have friends, but they also got their own friends,and own programmes.. cant be with us 24/7.. right? See? i reached enlightenment... Muhahaha!! Thats why i keep saying i want to buy a DSLR, so i can walk around taking photos.. haha! But then, bo lui(no money in hokkien) leh.... Sad! Tomorrow need to work again... Luckily, i rewarded myself with leave on Wed. BAH!

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