Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did you notice Google 'Search box" got longer?? For a while i thought i changed the font size of my browser.. haha! So i 'google' it.. and found it was actually Google "Supersizing" its Search Box.. More info at : Here Oh........... By the way, the wedding dinner last night was not bad.. the couple even invited singers to sing while we enjoy our dinner... I really like this part! The only bad thing : why our table food is always served the last huh ?!!? The rest of the table already finished eating, we are still not served that dish! -___-" And best: the cute cute waitress served each of us a 'Half-Filled" bowl of shark fins... This is a first time i encountered this....

Anyway, the food was not bad.. i not sure about the others.. but i totally loved the Yam Paste dessert.. =) If only i do not need to catch the shuttle bus out of Sentosa.... Anyway, its Weekends! =) I am so excited about the Jump i be watching this sat! =)

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