Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Hattigaunda "Highway of Hope"

The Hattigaunda "Highway of Hope" One of my friend went on a volunteer programme trip to a orphanage Home called "Hattigaunda Home". It is situated around the north-western part of Kathmandu (the Capital of Nepal), in a district known as Hattigaunda. As compared to us, we are really more fortunate and lucky than the kids there. They live a simple life, eat simple, do their own beds, wash their own clothes.. They are now having a campaign to help them : Quoted from their blog : - "The objective of this campaign is to raise awareness for the education of unprivileged orphans in Nepal, and also to share with you our Nepal experience. Also, the important message is to create an awareness to help those who are less privileged in life.

Nonetheless, if there is anyway you would like to help these orphans, please drop them an email."

More info here!

If you like to help them, do approach them. I be putting up a link at the side of my blog too. Do help me spread the words!

Thank you! =)

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