Friday, October 9, 2009

M1 SMS-based donation drive with pledge of S$50,000

So much disasters going around... Typhoon in Japan... Earthquake in Indonesia..... We are lucky that we dont have such disasters..! Anyway, M1 is having this donation drive going on.. I just send a $5 donation. Amount is small, but hope it helps them. =) M1 SMS-based donation drive with pledge of S$50,000 M1 has launched an SMS-based donation drive to enable its customers to help the survivors of the disastrous earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra. The proceeds from the month-long campaign, together with a donation of S$50,000 from M1, will go to the Singapore Red Cross and Mercy Relief for their humanitarian work in the Indonesian city.

M1 customers can make their donations in denominations of S$5, S$10 and $50 from October 9-31, 2009. They simply have to SMS “donate5” or “donate10” or “donate50” to short code 5566. All donations will receive an acknowledgement SMS from M1.

Those on M1, and would like to help, please do so! ok? Happy Friday to all.

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