Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nom... Nom.... Nom.....

Its been eating non-stop since Friday. My friend, Jerrine and boyfriend brought me to a steamboat buffet. Its at Hot Culture Pot at Marina Square. It was crowded and the food was not bad. The price is quite affordable too ! Gonna suggest for the end of module dinner with my classmates. =) And Saturday, i organised a Bowling game with my colleagues cum friends, and a Buffet Dinner at Sakura at Clementi Woods. My second time there.. =) Played 3 games. My overall scores! Buffet Dinner. Whole table full of food. Had to use these clips for some of the food, and the waiters will cook and serve to us. *I placed the clips in such manner* LoL 25 Oct was my colleague's daughter Birthday. Did not arrange for a cake, had to use whatever was available in the buffet. =) My favorite food, tomatoes ! =D Smiles ! =D

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