Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ronald Cheng X William So Live Concert

Soccer was good on Friday. At least this time i did not get cramps during the games, but after when i got home. lol... Shall go again! =D Next weekend is Tennis. Anyone interested ? * * * * * * * * Just back from Ronald Cheng X William So Live concert at The Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo. William So really got a handsome and flawless face... and he got many pair of spectacles.. Every time he come on stage with a new pair.. hmm hmm.... Ronald Cheng was a more shy type of guys, he did not talk that much. Answers were short too. The both of them did walk in between the audiences but i felt this was unnecessary, it caused everyone to rush up to hug, or shake hand with them. Although i can still hear their singing but then i cant see the person lah! And most importantly, they no walked to my side... ! -__-" Although i can understand simple Cantonese, but was unfamiliar with their Cantonese songs. Anyway i still enjoyed the singing. =) And A-mei is coming Jan 2010, again! Who interested ? ! =D


  1. Ahhahaha, I know this is very duh, but SIS-tic selling A*Mei tickets makes me lol :P

  2. haha! I want to go watch! I missed it in Oct 08. Went Bintan! =)

  3. It's been so long since I've last heard any A*Mei songs. I think I only know those that were released back when we were in sec. school...

  4. Those older songs are nicer, actually. =) I prefer old songs..


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