Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RWS unveils 20 attractions

RWS unveils 20 attractions

The world's highest duelling roller coasters, will be at Resorts World at Sentosa's Universal Studios theme park in early 2010!

Personally, i happened to grab a little view of it when i went to a wedding dinner in Sept, i saw the tracks and was already amazed by it.

My questions to myself: "Is it safe?" *Looks dangerously high to me. "How much materials(metal,steel,etc..) did they use?" "How much do i have to pay to go into the theme park?" Then i recalled, this place is in Sentosa. Cant be that affordable. We shall see! And why Channel U put the "篮球火" or Hot Shots, at 11.30pm at Weekday nights ? ? Win liao loh... Its a great show.(although i watch it before.) How to watch when its so late in the night,and i got to work the next day? *scratch head* Better go sleep. Tomorrow got to prepare for Thurs Test 2, the Final test before the exams in Dec!

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