Saturday, October 10, 2009

Slacking Saturday..

It was supposed to be Tennis game today... In the end i did not go! Reason? I woke up with the sky dark, and thunders being heard. Checked the Singapore Weather forcast, think hard about it. At 1pm, it was still raining and to play safe, decided to cancel the game. However, it was sunny at 3pm(tennis start time). -_____- As the saying goes: Unpredictable Weather Therefore i slacked in front of the PC, almost whole day. Few things i did: I changed my blog song. Been repeating this song this few days... =) Stay at my blog page, there are two versions of this song!! Tell me which version you like ? I also got an Orchid in Barn Buddy(a Facebook game). LoL And, i got to study for Tues test soon... Ok, i am signing off and shutting down the PC. And should i go out to buy shoes tomorrow? Hmm Hmm.... Good night, dear friends!

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