Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sat outing with mum

Sat was spend going out with mum. I accompanied her to visit her God Ma, who had been taking care of her when she was young. Some tears would automatically flow everytime i visit her. There she was lying in bed, so thin(as she only survive on milk), and what she could do was only stare at us. Mum keep talking to her, all she could do was stare at us. I can still remember she was such a nice lady when we visit her family at my younger days. She makes milo, brings out all the biscuits for us... just so nice! And after a fall, she can only stare at us. Something grateful : she still can recognize us. I spotted some tears at the side of her eyes. Honestly i hope she can get well again, but... chances are so slim. Life is just so fragile. Do remember to treasure everyone around you. * * * * * * * * I am looking for khakis to watch '2012' next week. Anyday other than Wed. Anyone interested?


  1. sorry to hear about it...hope she gets wrong soon

  2. Thank you!
    But the chances are slim. Let's just hope for the best!


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