Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thought of the day: Life is short, enjoy everyday.

Hi all! Hows the weekends going ? =) Was still on medications, so my body was still on the sleepy side. I slept from 8pm all the way till today 8am. 12 hours sleep! Weee! *mouth opened* =D And so i woke up, 8am, washed up, and did some studying (sure anot?), as i was rewriting my notes, and revising, i heard drums and trumpets playing. It was a funeral of a neighbour, a lady. (which i think i met before.. but sorry i can't remember her..) From what i heard from mum, she was a divorcee, who stays with three other ladies who she rented her rooms to. What happened to her was that she fell in bathroom, knock onto something and thinking she was alright, she went to bed and sleep, and never wakes up! Sad !! It was so emotional hearing the drums and trumpets and the songs they were playing made me even more sad. Therefore i decided to stop for a while and many thoughts start coming into my head. We work hard for the money, we study hard to get that qualifications, and then suddenly we just passed away like that? Shouldn't we slow down our pace to look at things and people around us? Life is too short not to make the best and the most of everything that comes your way everyday. (Sasha Azevedo) Maybe this songs can make me and all of us feel better.


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