Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exams are over! Got money to buy iphone, but queues are everywhere..

I took my last exams for the course, which took me 1.5 years. However i still don't think i can make it for this paper, but what's done already is over, shall not think of it. The results will only be known in February 2010. And till then, i need to find things to keep myself occupied. Good luck! Hong Wei~ * * * * * * * * Regards to previous post , i went to M1 shop, Westmall just now, at about 7.45pm. When i reached, i see the whole shop full of people, went forward, wanting to tell them i reserved an iphone. And to my horror, the queue was actually out of the shop, stretching the whole covered linkway of the mall... about 30 people and still queuing.. "But i reserved already.." i told the M1 staff... "Sorry, you still have to queue..." was the answer.. What for i reserve for one in the first place? -__-" Luckily, they are not the only one selling iphone now. Bleh! =P * * * * * * * * I will post the ''post-exams dinner'' tomorrow. Stay tuned! =)

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