Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi all! How's your weekends? =) I went to the BookFest at Suntec City on Saturday. And i did not know Landy Wen, 溫嵐 was there for an autograph session too! I saw her live some year back in HMV, Orchard. That time she was nicely tanned, and giving out a very healthy sporty girl look. Yesterday, she had this super red short hair.. In case you don't know who she is.. However, personally i like her red short hair, and her singing. =) After this, i went to have a lonely walk around Suntec.. The area around Carrefour was having a Wii event. It can measure the BMI of you, got some Yoga steps to learn, got cycling game, got basketball game, the list goes on... So do you own a Wii ? =) * * * * * * * * I did some changes to my blog arrangement, will still be improving it. Did a poll at the side. It will be there for a week starting today. Topic being : "Do you like music to be played on Blogs ?" I would like to know from my readers. Let me know, ok ? Thank you! =)

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