Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Few nights of good food..

It was two straight nights of good food.

Had dinner at "Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room" at IMM, located just outside Daiso.
The food was nice, especially the tea that i ordered. =)

You can give it a try..=)

I meet another friend for steamboat buffet dinner.
This time at "Hotpot Culture" =) (Was too hungry eating and sorry, this was the only pic i got. lol )

For me, i feel the nice thing about this buffet was the chocolate fondue that was part of the buffet, which attracted me. haha!

By the way, came across these flowers on Monday, do you find them familiar?

First thought when i saw them - the toilet brush in my toilet..

Don't they look alike? HaHa !!

Been doing office spring cleaning. And worked till 10pm tonight, got to go sleep soon.
Good night my friends!

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