Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Have you been to the Orchard River ?

Are you aware of floods in Orchard area this morning ?
It became Orchard River today.

This is the first time i hear floods in Orchard. At first i was thinking the pictures might be photo-shopped..
" Orchard, flooded? Sure anot..? " I thought..

And thank you to my Twitter friends !
Information are being sent out so fast nowadays.. =)

A view from inside a car. Saw ION ?

The front area of Ngee Ann City.
Did they check the 2 lion statues ah ? They might drink the dirty waters leh...

Look at the height of the water!

Starbucks, your coffee flow out of the shop already..

My dear Wendy, where are you !!!
We should go find if any branded bags or clothes still floating around..? =P

The poor people there!

In 1999, a TNP writer said that "Orchard Road will never flood"
It mentioned : It can empty an Olympic-sized pool before your cup of latte has time to cool.


We just can't go against the Nature.

This song should be very appropriate these few days.. =)


  1. Omg, bro, what a classic old song! For a moment I thought I was watching 爱 ! Haha!

  2. just like they said the Titanic won't sink, it sank!

  3. The end of days is coming. I have a reason to spend all my money!~~

  4. Thank you Stumpbo, Merryn, and Citrella for reading and commenting. =)

  5. sigh.. too bad i dun understand hokkien :(

  6. Sorry Rose!

    But anyway the title is called 一支小雨傘, which means "a little umbrella".

    Its a love song whereby 2 person sharing an umbrella and then walking in the rain,with the shoulders touching each other,lovingly.

    Hope this can help? =)


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