Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday curious tour to Marina Bay Sands..

Being curious, i went over to the highly anticipated Marina Bay Sands.

Took a picture, before walking further..

A little walk into the The Helix Bridge..
Nicely designed, but done halfway.*Slightly Disappointed*
(It ended halfway, then i have to walk onto the side pavement,which was directly beside the road..)

It links up to the Marina Bay Sands..

* * * * * * * *

Now for the interior of the building.

It was so crowded with people, although most shops are not opened yet. After which i found out from my Twitter friends, there was actually Super Junior from Korea (Sorry.. Sorry...), and a Singtel, Samsung event going on..

The shopping area..

The hotel area..
Personally i love the design of it !

Happened to walk past, and there was a performance going on.
Nice music, they played. =)

Overall, personally, if you want to see the 'final product' of the place, go end of the year, or even later.

And something i really have to remind to people.
Be careful of the 'little traps' while walking The Helix Bridge. 

This is the 'little trap' i referring to.. I keep tripping over this this thing..
Anyone knows what is this? =)


  1. hey nice building thr! =D

    y called it traps? what happened if stepped on it??

  2. It is.

    I called them traps, as i keep kicking onto them. Haha!! =)

    Come visit someday? =)


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