Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ghost Festival a.k.a. the Hungry Ghost Festival

Today, is the first day of the seventh Lunar month, or the so called Ghost month.

During this month, you will be seeing people praying and placing offerings along the pavements.

Laugh at me for being superstitious, there are some advices(or things you might already know.) in which i would like to share.

Like how my mum and grandma always say, "Hong Wei, ah.. dont step onto the joss sticks, offerings or incense paper hor.. it's for the good brothers one.."

When i got older, i realized that the 'good brothers' mum and grandma referred to was actually the spirits/ghost, who will be given a month ''holiday'' on human world during this month. Therefore, the offerings are for them.

*So do not step onto the offerings, when you see them.*

During this month, we are advised not to stay out too late during the night.. if you really staying out late, for ladies, try to get a friend or buddy to walk home with you.

It is also a month of  'concert-like' live performances, called 'Koh-tai' by the Hokkien-speaking people.It is usually performed by a group of singers, dancers and entertainers on a temporary stage that setup within the residential district of certain areas in Singapore.

*Do note, the very first row of seats are meant for the 'good brothers'*

Some video clips of  'Koh-tai'..

So for this month, be safe, don't stay out too late. =)


  1. Orh ok thanks for sharing. I will go home by 9 pm this month.

  2. Caroline: You dont disturb them, they won't disturb you. That's what i believe.

    Rachel: Yup, and welcome back home!! =)

  3. The lady with a scarf looks like a Muslim preparing a fire to cook satay or something.

  4. i cant help but to laugh out loud on anonymous's comment. funny!! oh well, speaking of the temporary concerts, i've seen before in malaysia too. In fact, the singers/performers can be quite eye catching too sometimes, if you know what i mean. ;)

  5. Anonymous: Now you reminded me.. really looked like it! =X

    Rose: i know what you mean.. *winks* =)

    The Bimbo: =) But then every year it will come.. =)


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