Sunday, August 22, 2010

Will it be me ?

Hello all friends!

Few days back, Hong Wei was being invited to take part in an event called: Tiger Beer Regional Online Influencer Challenge !

As far as i known, i had always been having my eyes sticking on the tv screen whenever a soccer match is being played.. discussing over lunchtime with colleagues of how the previous Barclays Premier League matches went... and of course, the recent World Cup! =)

While typing this entry, i suddenly recalled, one birthday present my friend bought me, many many years back.

A Man-United jersey, Hor~ HAHA!!

Forgot to mention the prize for the challenge.
A chance to go to Manchester and meet up with Wayne Rooney! He's also the brand ambassador for Tiger Beer!!

If my dear friends, do you feel that I should be the one to win the chance to go to Manchester and meet up with the man himself (or even scratch his backside?)

If the answer is "Yes!", please kindly drop a comment with:
- Your URLs to your social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So easy! =)

Thank you all for reading, good luck to me!! =)


  1. Caroline Ng May Ling

  2. what do i have to do?

    my name is Merryn Tan and my url is

  3. Hi Caroline and Merryn:
    Thank you for leaving a comment! =)

    It's like a 'vote' for me for this contest, as requested by the contest organizer. They might be contacting you to help them too! =)


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