Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heard the new SMRT jingle?

Hello all, have you heard the new SMRT "train is coming" jingle lately?
In case you dont know what i talking about, you can watch the below video..

I took the MRT last night, and it was my first time hearing it.
"Very cute!" i find it...
However, this thought slowly faded away.. why? You must be asking me.. 

I first heard it at the Bukit Batok station which is nearest to my house, (also the time where i find it cute.) and then i travel to Jurong East station, i heard it the second time.
As i need to travel to Orchard area, i had to change to another line at Raffles City station, i heard it the third time.

Hearing it 3 times in a trip, does not make the song that cute anymore.. =(

Then i start to think....

If there is a chinese version, will it be like...

And if there's a hokkien version...
her cia lai liao ~~~
her cia lai liao ~~~
her cia lai liao ~~~
kin bai dui..

Maybe its me, but as i keep hearing the same jingle, it kinda irritate me...
How about you? =)

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  1. What's unclear is after the ... inside...inside....xxxxxx ... love your ride....


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