Monday, September 27, 2010

My first time..

Everyone have a first time...

Why this picture?

This is the picture i took, in my sunglasses (and with my contact lens!) Haha...
My first time wearing contact lens, after so many years, when all my friends around have actually been doing it for so long...

What kept me so long from wearing contact lens?


Fear of the contact lens, missing..
Fear of the contact lens, dropping out when im outside...
Fear of seeing my finger near my own eyes!

My friends help me to overcome it.
The whole lot of them, with a mirror, and my trial contact lens, guided and watched me put on the contact lens for the first time. LoL

It's actually not that scary!!!

When you are more 'skillful' with it, its quite fast, actually.

For those first timers, i got links for you to read, and this helps me too.
See --> HERE
Some videos --> HERE

Cheers~! =)


  1. Yay to new experiences! Just make sure your fingers are spankin' clean when you handle your contacts and don't get any tap water/pool water etc into your eyes and you'll be fine :D

  2. Caroline: must try sis, haha!

    Yileen: yup, the hands must be kept clean, always. =)

  3. COOL!!!!!!!!! Yeay to contact lens :D Me been wearing them since form 5 :D

  4. Well, at least you experienced something new and you should be proud of it. But for those who are really afraid of wearing contact lens, you can still use typical eye glasses. A much better thing to do is talk to your ophthalmologist for better tips on how you can have a normal sight again.

    Karina Chiodo


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