Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charger Exploded !

I woke up with my iphone switched off, by itself. (no battery).

Walks to the charger, switch it on.
Sparks and the whole house electricity got cut off !!

I panicked.

Check the ''electricity box'' inside my house, for any 'unusual' trips of the buttons..
Conclusion: No.

Ran out to check other neighbours..
Conclusion: No problem for them.

Tried to open the meter box, outside the unit...

Conclusion: Locked.

Ran to Lift area, to take down the HDB Flats Maintenance team number..
Conclusion: Called, and wait.


20 minutes later, the man arrived and showed me the secret! 

The top part of the meter box, can actually be open!! (Stupid me..)

Come, i show you how!

See huh.. the top area, can actually be flipped open..
With two little compartments..

And they can be flipped open too!!
*do check this two compartments too*

With this incident, i learnt something new.
And luckily, no fire was involved. =)


See what happened to the charger??

Noticed the black colour area?

Lesson learnt: Cannot go for cheapo things, next time!!~


  1. whoaaa! thats scary! n quite dangerous too! learn from lesson ahhh!! :D

  2. Yup sis.. scary! Could have burn the whole house down.. =(


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