Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run - 10.10.10

What a special date for today!
If you din realize, today is 10 Oct 2010, and in numerical, it is: 10.10.10 ! =)

And today is also the Mizuno Wave Run, a 10km run.
Today's run had a mixture of those sandy areas, and pavement areas. Personally, i was walking a little too much today, and i guess my timing would be very bad for this run. (oops!!)

After about 3km distance mark, my right knee area started to feel pain, and i had to walk, plus jog a little.. but still i finished the whole run, which is what i am aiming.

*pat pat ownself* =)

A picture to show you today's crowd..

My tag number and the singlet given..

Another Finisher Medal for collection. =)


My Singapore friends, did you happened to read the Today's newspaper last Friday, and so happened to see a PSB Academy graduands list? 

Anyway, did you see a famailar name..? (Hint.. Hint..)
Come, i help you........

It's my name!!! Haha... 
So proud of myself. =P 

And now, its for a new chapter of my life.
A new direction, and hopefully everything flows smoothly..



  1. wow! congrats bro! yish! another medal! i also want lar! :(

  2. Hong Wei, congrats!!~~~ you are a nice finisher :)

  3. What a positive entry, with so many achievements! Congratulations! :) Hope your knee healed by the next day :)

  4. Caroline: Thank you Sis! =)
    Rachel: =) Thank you Sis!
    Yileen: Thank you Sis! Yup, it got better.. got to start training for December soon. Hehe! =)


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