Saturday, December 18, 2010

The most irritating word in Reuters poll

Everyday, we use so much words, talk so much..which is the most annoying and irritating word to you?

According to Reuters poll (Article from Yahoo) it is the word : "Whatever"

Quoted from the article:

For the second consecutive year "whatever' topped a Marist poll as the most annoying word or phrase in the English language.
Nearly 39 percent of 1,020 Americans questioned in the survey deemed it the most irritating word, followed by "like" with 28 percent and the phrase "you know what I mean' at 15 percent.

Personally, i also find this word irritating!


Let me quote examples.

Example 1
Boyfriend: Hey honey, what would you like to have for dinner?
Girlfriend: Whatever.
Boyfriend: Oh, ok.. how about chinese food?
Girlfriend: Whatever..

Example 2
Girl 1: Hey, shall we go for a movie?
Girl 2: Whatever.
Girl 1: Cartoon, Action, Comedy?
Girl 2: Whatever..

See how annoying if you give such answers?
It does not actually answer the questions, and also gave a very general answer. =)

Both "Whatever" and "Anything" are the words on my poll of most irritating words.

Funny thing, its got a drink named after them in Singapore. LoL

So what is the most irritating word to you ?

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