Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

On Friday, 11 March 2011, Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. The magnitude-8.9 quake spawned a deadly tsunami that slammed into the nation's east coast, leaving a huge swath of devastation in its wake.
Hundreds of people are dead and many more are still missing or injured.

I get to know about this through Twitter, so i went into BBC website and to find out more about it.

The newscasters were reporting while images of the tsunami and the impact it caused was being shown.
I printscreen some of it..

I was so sad, looking at the images of it.. Mother Earth must be angry at us, for making it sick and so such an disaster is to remind us to stop, or if can reduce the rate of making it sick. 

My friend on Facebook shared this video (As a vegetarian, and as a reminder.)

There are some organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region.
More to read about it over HERE.

It's only March of 2011.
So much happenings.

Blessings and prayers to Japan!
To all friends, all over the world, take good care, and enjoy everyday.


  1. Yeah it's so sad :( I think many people were also reminded of the 2012 movie. It's kinda scary don't you think?

  2. Charlene: Yup sis, scary!
    Someday i might be at Orchard road, then i get washed away.. or straight into the drain.. sigh..

    Treasure everyday! =)


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