Monday, March 21, 2011

The Secret Agent

Not the ''007'' in James Bond.
Not the ''Ethan Hunt'' in Mission Impossible, also.

I'm referring to the Recruitment Agent or Recruitment Consultant. The one that can bring you job opportunities for that job you looking out for.

I met some who laughed (directly on the phone) when i told them the reasons of quitting my job, some 'super on' type, like below....

*No names or particular recruitment agency named* 

Last week, i got a call from an agent from a particular recruitment agency.
She called me on my mobile, did some 'phone interview' and i mentioned i am fine to apply the position she offered.

Call ended. (Yeah, another job opportunity, i thought..)

I went to bathe.. and when i came out of the bathroom, my father was on the house phone, and saying someone was looking for me. (It had been years since i had someone calling me on the house phone, usually my friends call my mobile.)

It was her again!

She actually called my house phone, as i did not pick up my mobile. Therefore, i talked to her, still in my towel, for another 5 minutes or so.. (-__-")

And as usual, i went to switch on my laptop, and saw her emails!
All this tasks, within 15 minutes.

Wow right?

After that, i start to imagine how she looked like.

She could be like my idol: Michelle Yeoh ?

And today, i finally meet her, and of course, with the previous super tasks in 15 minutes. She did it again today.

Was supposed to meet her at 10am. The actual interview at 11am.

At 9:50am, she called me.
She: Hi Hong Wei, you remember to meet me first before the interview?
Me: Hi, yup, im on the way. Reaching soon.
She: Wah? So fast?
Me: -___-"

While we met, we discuss about the job and things. And it was rather rushing as i actually left her office, at 10:45am!

Luckily the interview place was nearby, but the blur Hong Wei, took a wrong turn and lost the way!! Oops!

As i was late, she called again.

She: Hong Wei, where are you? (as i picked up the call)
Me: Sorry i took a wrong turn, i think i lost the way...
She: Why you did not call me? Where are you.. where are you? (so anxiously)
Me: I'm at xxx, i found the way, walking over now..
She: (shouted) its just opposite my office, lah!

Very seldom, i scold people. However what she just said, almost made me snap.

Me: Hi, why are you so rude on the phone? I almost scolded you ok?
She: (toned down) Ok, you see the xxx building, its actually there.. good luck ok?
Me: Oh... ok..
And, we hanged the phone, and i went for the interview.

After the interview, i went for my lunch.. And she called again!!
This time to ask what was being asked during the interview..

Result, she is actually Trinity from Matrix:

Can appear anywhere, call anytime, and track you down!

And also after this, i feel that she is more concern about whether she can get the commission after me getting the job rather than concern about a guy who is out of job for quite some time..
Or she wanted to become my girlfriend? LoL

How do you think?

And the job search continues... *bites teeth*


  1. hahahaha!!! oh no!! kinda creepy at 1st! or mayube she's interested with u bro!! :p who knows right? :p

    good luck in job searching yea! ;)

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  2. Caroline: Yup, she is!! LoL Thank you sis~


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