Saturday, April 9, 2011

Updates for the past week

Hi my dear friends, how are you doing?

I started my new work.
Since im new, therefore i had to do reading and training of the work, of how the office work.

Anyway, after about a week of using my android phone.. (and some of ya commented to ask me to try to do a review) i can say: its good! =)

It feels so much like the iphone 3GS i was using previously(it is also the same to unlock it - swipe finger from left to right), so getting use to it was not much of any difficulties. =)
The main screen of the phone.

And to go into the page of all apps on the phone, you press the blue icon, on bottom right button.

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Credits of images from :

There you go, main screen!

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And a cool feature i love: is when you try to swipe your thumb and index finger together, it changes into this multi-pages screen! And to go to the page you want to go, you can just tap onto it! (instead of swiping it left or right.)

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Another cool feature i like: the so called 'task manager'. To activate it, swipe finger from top to bottom.
You can find the missed calls, sms you got.. and buttons to active the 'bluetooth', ' wifi' and such. =)

The pictures quality you might ask?
Share some photos i took with this phone..

My Domo.

The photos turned out quite decent, to me

Their Applications?

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And like the Apple ''App Store''.. Android also have their ''Android Market''.
There are paid ones, and free ones.. games.. social media tools.. so much more! =)

Share with you a video.

Check out their review here.

Of course, there are still so many things to explore on this phone.. any tips and tricks you know of?


  1. Hi Hong Wei! Thanks for you review :)
    Now I actually don't think the android is that bad :P Looks cool! but I guess it doesn't have the same kinda apps as the iphone, does it?
    I still hope my iphone never breaks *cross fingers* haha :D

  2. nice! have u tried use the camera 360 apps?? damn nice bro! :D have u dl-ed the advanced task killer?? it can save ur batt life by just kill the task of apps that u not using at time. :)

  3. Julia: Hi~ Yup, you right, but some apps do looked better on the iphone than on an android one.
    No worries, it be fine, if you take care of your iphone. Hee! =P

    Caroline: Yup sis! Its cool.. and ya, i got the advanced task killer too.. cool cool!! =P

  4. I agree camera 360 is really cool. Just camwhored with it this afternoon. haha. I love this app call Soundhound too. With that app, you'll not miss the title or singer of the song playing anywhere. Fatbooth is quite a funny app too. :)

  5. Allison: Thank you for introducing Soundhound. Its so cool! I was humming songs in the middle of the night to test it.. LOL =D


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