Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's been two years, how are you ?

Hi Michael, it's been 2 years on Earth.
Many of us are missing you here.
How are you doing over the other dimension of the world?

Two years ago, during this day, i was in the hospital accompanying my grandma for her checkup, and saw the news of your death over the TV.

I also posted about your leaving on my blog too, did you happened to read that?

Anyway, just to update you, Earth has been rather sick lately, with earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, which caused the melting and damages of the nuclear plants..
Earthquakes were present in New Zealand also..
Even the volcano in Iceland started erupting too...
And as usual, the weather is still as hot, with temperature rising..

If you see someone at your side who can help, can you please discuss it with him or her??

I hope there will be lesser disasters and everyone is happy with everyone.

I also hope the real reason of you leaving us can be found out soon, and who ever is the culprit must be punished for taking you away from us.

Miss you, MJ.


  1. time flies... seems like only yesterday whe Michael jackson died

  2. The one and only King of Pop. :)

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  4. Flirtatious Friends: Yes it is. =(
    Lindy; You are right! =)

  5. time really flies. I still enjoy his music very much.

  6. 2 long years.. i still enjoy his music more than the other currently so-called famous music right now :)

  7. One of my favourite songs of his - We're the World. :)

  8. Kristin: Yup, me too! =)

    Ken: Time flies right? But his music lives! =)

    Ruiting: Yup!! =)


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