Saturday, July 2, 2011

Play game, and train.

Was reading blogs of friends, and one post (from Yellow Splat) caught my attention..
The tittle was really interesting..

The title was: Angry Birds on Google Chrome

Although it was on Google Chrome, it was fine with playing on Firefox too!

Go to : to play!

And i think this game can be used to train the future soldiers of Singapore, as now recruits doing Basic Military Training (BMT) will be issued with an ipad !


So much better life than me, from last time.

Anyway, the Singapore guys sure will love this video from Mr Brown!

4G soldier of the SAF, Huat ah!!!


  1. wow! Yah I played chrome angry bird too :P not bad la

  2. hehehe! i played them on pc too! :D actually can just installed it in pc without playing it online. ;)

  3. I am new guy for this blog. I download above the game and played. Its very interesting game every one like this kind of games only.

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