Sunday, October 2, 2011

The busy week.. and upcoming..

It was the company Quarter End closing, a busy period of the work place.

Emails, Calls, keep coming in.
With the left hand on the Phone, and right hand clicking the mouse.
I survived while coughing away in the office. (I am still coughing now..)

Any it was a happy period of time. =)

1) Attending of Solemnization Party of Zhihao & Charlene..

2) Attending my ex classmate's baby Zi Xin's Full Month Shower..

3) RC Birthday celebration, last night..

4) Another ex classmate's wedding dinner at the end of the month..

One more coming, as far as i can remember..

Give ang bao, till the hands tired.

How was you weekends??

Coughs.. Coughs.. and pops a Fisherman's Friend.


  1. The cake is so cute. hehe! Work always make us so busy =/

  2. Kristin: Yup!! I like the cake too.
    Ya loh, work is never ending too. =]


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